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During the international "Brain Awareness Week" (14.-20.3.) students from the 10th school level shall be imparted with modern neuroscience

(Vienna, 07-03-2016) During the international "Brain Awareness Week" (14.-20.3.) with numerous presentations at MedUni Vienna, students from the 10th school level shall be imparted with modern neuroscience. One sector naturally revolves around learning: What happens in the brain during learning? And how can one learn easier and quicker? "Learning is easier if new information can be linked directly with personal memories, emotions, images or places", says Thomas Klausberger, Manager of the Department for Cognitive Neurobiology at the Centre for Brain Research at MedUni Vienna.

Learning - regardless whether in school or in principle - is about the forming of associations, explains the MedUni Brain Scientist: "In the process, new and existing information is cross-linked, contents is depicted in contexts. This is of help during learning and memorising. Human beings are not able to optimally process isolated information." Thus, multidisciplinary and subject-transcending teaching in school is ideal. "It is important to establish a connection."

This is also the objective of the presentations during the Brain Awareness Week at the Centre for Brain Research. The linked, individual topics are meant to inspire the young people for modern neurosciences - at university level. Prof. Petra Scholze, Organiser of the Brain Awareness Week, says: "Our motto is 'Science is impressive'." It is the intention to enthuse young people for science and research and particularly for brain research "in order to also reach parents and grandparents in this manner". In 2015, approx. 1,200 pupils from Vienna and surrounds attended the event at MedUni Vienna.

Date: Internationale "Brain Awareness Week"
The international week of the brain is held from Monday, 14th March until Sunday, 20th March 2016. During "Brain Awareness Week 2016", a total of 17 presentations, from "Crime scene brain: search for evidence in multiple sclerosis" to "which region of the brain is responsible for which task?" up to "Memory, learning, taking decisions - how is our brain performing this task?" shall be held at the Centre for Brain Research of MedUni Vienna (1090 Spitalgasse 4). In the process, young people from school level 10 are learning about modern neurosciences. Applications for school classes are open every day from 9-12 h under Tel.: 01/40160-34 34301 or via email at

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For interested media: Pupils speaking about their experiences during the Week of the Brain as well as selected scientists of MedUni Vienna and teachers from the participating schools shall be available for interviews during the event week. Application and/or arrangement of appointment through