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MedUni Vienna has the lowest student drop-out rate in Austria

Only 23.5% of students fail to complete their studies at MedUni Vienna.

(Vienna, 23 October 2015) The Medical University has the highest proportion of students who see their studies through to completion and hence the lowest student dropout rate. These are the findings of a recent study conducted by economist Friedrich Schneider on behalf of the Johannes Kepler University in Linz.

The results in detail: 84.70% of female students and 77.70% of male students complete their medical studies at the Medical University of Vienna (graduation rate for 2012/13). That represents a top overall graduation rate of 81%. Only 23.5% of students drop out of their studies at MedUni Vienna.

The Mozarteum Salzburg takes second place amongst the 21 Austrian universities studied: overall graduation rate 72%, student dropout rate 38.9%. Following in third place is VetmedUni Vienna with a graduation rate of 71.5% and a student dropout rate of 39.9%.

According to Schneider, a total of 766,362 students enrolled at the 21 Austrian universities between 2001 and 2015 and nearly 400,000 of these failed to complete their courses. According to the economist, this equates to a loss of around 2.5 billion euros to the national economy.