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New at MedUni Vienna: MSc. in Gender Medicine and Clinical Research

(Vienna, 2 Feb. 2010) MedUni Vienna is starting the 2010 summer semester with two new postgraduate courses. The newly-created university courses will begin in March on the future-oriented themes of "Gender Medicine" and "Clinical Research".

With the two latest courses, MedUni Vienna is continuously expanding its postgraduate programme. Two central themes of the current research and health debate are the focus of the courses here: first, Gender Medicine, which concentrates on the different aspects of women's and men's health. Here MedUni Vienna has a leading role in the German-speaking area – the first Professorship of Gender Medicine was filled only recently.
Students who have completed the Clinical Research course can fulfil the ever more demanding general conditions and requirements of Clinical Research.

Gender-specific approach to health
As well as the efforts already made with the diploma course in Medicine, the Medical University of Vienna is now also starting a postgraduate course in "Gender Medicine" to provide even greater corresponding skills and knowledge in Gender Medicine both in basic research and also in public health and health policy. In the German-speaking area the new university course in Gender Medicine is the first postgraduate degree of its type and further extends the competence of MedUni Vienna in the field of Gender Medicine.

The four-semester course is split into 12 modules and combines a practical approach with extensive scientific knowledge. The evidence-based course contents are in line with the relevant international standards and guidelines here. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are taught alongside gender-specific attitudes. Associate Professor ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Jeanette Strametz-Juranek, scientific head of the Gender Medicine course, explains: "Graduates of this course will be able to act in an evidence-based and gender-sensitive manner in their respective fields of work. They will therefore make a lasting contribution to the health of women and men."

Good Clinical Practice at the international level
With the postgraduate course in "Clinical Research", MedUni Vienna is targeting physicians and also other scientists with professional experience in clinical research. In cooperation with the Vienna School of Clinical Research, a programme has been set up which will qualify its graduates to work successfully in clinical/scientific fields at the international level. The course language is English.

The necessary knowledge for planning, implementing, analysing, interpreting and presenting clinical trials is taught in three modules, and as well as experienced experts from the Medical University of Vienna, external international specialists will also be lecturing on the highly-varied course contents. After 4 semesters a masters’ thesis completes the qualification.
Course director Associate Professor ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Christoph Male is convinced the course will be a success. "The factors for success are not only the contents, the international structure will also contribute to a cross-border exchange of experiences and further enhance the programme."