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Applicants have until 20 February 2013 to register online at

Graz / Innsbruck / Vienna, 31 January 2013: Tomorrow, Friday, 1 February 2013, sees the start of online registrations for prospective students wishing to study Human or Dental Medicine for the 2013/14 academic year. Applicants have until 20 February 2013 to register online at Internet registration is the first requirement for participating in the admissions process being held on 5 July 2013. After registering online, prospective students must pay their cost contribution of Euro 97 to the relevant medical university.

Selection test on 5 July 2013

Applicants who have registered online and whose cost contribution (Euro 97) has been received on time may participate in the selected admissions test. The Human Medicine admissions test (MedAT-H) is a written examination comprising three elements:

  • The knowledge test examines the applicant's existing knowledge in the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.
  • The text comprehension test examines the applicants’ ability to read and understand texts.
  • The “Cognitive skills and capabilities” section comprises four groups of tasks (numerical sequences, memory and retentiveness, assembly of figures and mathematical reasoning) and examines basic cognitive skills and capabilities that provide an excellent indicator of whether the applicant is likely to successfully complete their diploma study course in human medicine.

The Dental Medicine admissions test (MedAT-Z) includes the knowledge test, a test that examines manual skills (wire-bending test and drawing test) and the "Cognitive skills and capabilities" test (numerical sequences, memory and retentiveness, assembly of figures).

To help applicants prepare, there are numerous documents available on the Internet from the medical universities ( which contain comprehensive information on a summary of the topics that will be covered, along with a list of key words and an online practice test that mimics the real test very closely.

Austria’s medical universities have a total of 1,500 available places for the forthcoming academic year. 740 of these are at the MedUni Vienna, 400 at the MedUni Innsbruck and 360 at the MedUni Graz. This year too, the quota rule passed by the National Council applies. According to this rule, 75% of the study places will be given to candidates with an Austrian university entrance qualification, 20% to candidates from the EU and five per cent to candidates from other countries.

Dates and deadlines:
1 – 20 February 2013: Online registration
27 February to 12 March 2013: Contribution to cover costs of Euro 97 must be transferred into the account of the relevant university by no later than 12 March.
5 July 2013: Admissions tests