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Start of the grass pollen season: around 500,000 Austrians affected

(Vienna, 21-04-2015) By the start of May at the latest, those of us who are allergic to grass pollens will start to feel the first effects of the grass flowers. This will affect every – or at least every second – pollen allergy sufferer, that is to say around 500,000 people. The first grasses are already starting to form pistils but are not yet flowering. This happens at the latest in the first or second week of May. Last year the first grasses were already in flower at the beginning of April – in contrast to 2015. (Video about PollenApp 4.0 and the book "Pollen and Allergies")

The first grasses that will flower and are already ready to flower are vernal grass and meadow foxtail. However, the vast majority of pollen allergy sufferers only react to the species of grass that release their pollen slightly later, such as meadow grass or orchard grass, for example. These are expected to flower at the beginning of May.
Pollen and Allergies – the first scientific guide from MedUni Vienna in collaboration with Manz publishing house
Those who want to find out more about pollen and allergies now have access to a new, readable, easy-to-understand and scientifically based self-help book: "Pollen und Allergie – Pollenallergie erkennen und lindern” (Pollen and Allergies – Identifying and Alleviating Pollen Allergies"), written by Uwe E. Berger and Katharina Bastl of the Austrian Pollen Monitoring Service at MedUni Vienna.

A few days ago the first factual book in the new series "Gesundheit.Wissen" (Health.Sciences) was jointly published by MedUni Vienna and Manz-Verlag publishers and is available in bookshops or can be ordered carriage-free from the Manz-Verlag website ( For example, the book makes it easy to find out what is flowering, when and in what form, and to help to identify the possible cause of symptoms.

The second book in this series will be published at the end of September 2015 and deals with the widespread disorder of high blood pressure, or hypertension.

"The new series of books from Manz-Verlag and MedUni Vienna makes the outstanding knowledge of one of the most renowned medical research institutes in Europe available to lay people and sufferers in an easy-to-understand form. The decision to collaborate with a publishing company and pass this knowledge on in this form also underscores MedUni Vienna’s commitment to its social responsibility,” says MedUni Vienna’s Rector, Wolfgang Schütz. "Readers can be confident that the information found in publications from the Medical University of Vienna will always reflect the latest scientific knowledge. In Manz-Verlag, which has enjoyed an excellent reputation for many decades, especially in the fields of law and taxation, and has an extensive and well-known publishing program, we have found an expert and well-established Austrian publishing house, which was willing to become involved in a completely new field."

"We at MANZ have experience in preparing scientific content in a way that is appropriate to specific target groups. We are delighted that this joint project with the internationally renowned MedUni Vienna gives us an opportunity to apply our publishing skills to the field of medical self-help literature," says MANZ Publishing Director, Wolfgang Pichler.

Service: Pollen und Allergie (Pollen and Allergies) Uwe E. Berger & Katharina Bastl, Medical University of Vienna, Manz-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-214-00983-0, 176 pages, € 21.90.

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