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The University Council unanimously appoints its Vice-Rectors

Müller, Wurm and Druml are new Vice-Rectors, Gutiérrez-Lobos is reappointed, and the areas of accountability are changed slightly

(Vienna, 28th June 2011) The University Council of the Medical University of Vienna appointed yesterday unanimously the Vice-Rectors up until 2015 and has implemented a slightly changed distribution of functions for the respective areas of responsibility. The committee under the presidency of the former Vice-Chancellor and the Minister of Science, Erhard Busek, thereby followed the recommendations made by the Rector, Wolfgang Schütz.

As a result the MedUni Vienna shall also have four Vice-Rectors in the coming years, however with some slightly changed areas of accountability. Markus Müller shall become responsible for Research and International Relations, Karin Gutiérrez-Lobos shall be responsible for Teaching, Human Resources Development, and Gender & Diversity, Franz Wurm shall be responsible for Finance and Christiane Druml shall be responsible for the Clinic and Strategic Planning.

Markus Müller, Franz Wurm and Christiane Druml are new to their roles as Vice-Rectors and Karin Gutiérrez-Lobos has been reappointed. Three of the four Vice-Rectors had already been employed at the MedUni Vienna, and Franz Wurm comes from the University of Linz.

Rector Wolfgang Schütz is extremely pleased with the unanimous appointment by the University Council and says: “I am pleased by the unanimous election of the new Vice-Rectors. These people represent my absolute dream team, with whom we are most able to overcome the challenges of the next few years for the MedUni Vienna. I am especially pleased by these appointments since the overall responsibility for the university lies with the Rectorate.” Schütz himself was also confirmed for a further period in office at the head of MedUni Vienna by the University Council last December. The new period for the Rector and his Vice-Rectors begins on 1st October 2011.

The new team of Vice-Rectors of the Medical University for 2011 – 2015:

Prof. Dr. Markus Müller,
Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, has been Head of the University Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the MedUni Vienna since 2002. He was awarded his “sub-auspiciis”  doctorate in 1993. Müller is a specialist in internal medicine and received his post-doctorate in the field of clinical pharmacology in 1998 and of internal medicine in 2001. Müller was appointed a university professor in 2004.

Prof. Dr. Karin Gutiérrez-Lobos, Vice-Rector for Teaching, Human Resources Development, Gender & Diversity, had been Vice-Rector in the previous years and as such had been responsible for Human Resources Development and for the Promotion of Women. She is a university professor in psychiatry, and her scientific focus is based on social psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, as well as gender-specific aspects of psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Franz Wurm, Vice-Rector for Finance, had been Vice-Rector for Finance and Resource Management at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz since 2003. Previously he had had a long career at a top position in the Austrian and international chemical industry at Chemie Linz and Borealis. There he had been on the board level and was responsible, amongst others, for Finance, Accounting and Controlling.

Dr. Christiane Druml, Vice-Rector for the Clinic and Strategic Planning, is President of Medical University Vienna’s Ethics Committee. She has also been the Chair of the Bioethics Committee of the Austrian Federal Chancellery since 2007, and a University Council member of the Medical University Innsbruck since 2008.