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Harald Heinzl
Harald Heinzl

Center for Medical Data Science (Institute of Clinical Biometrics)


Biostatistics; Regression Analysis; Survival Analysis

Research interests

Biostatistics in general

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

1.) External validation of statistical models

2.) Pseudo values in survival analysis

Selected publications

  1. Mittlböck, M., Pötschger, U. & Heinzl, H., 2022. Weighted pseudo-values for partly unobserved group membership in paediatric stem cell transplantation studies. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 31(1), pp.76–86. Available at:
  2. Heinzl, H. & Benner, A., 2019. Three brief pieces of statistical advice for medical peer reviewers. European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 49(11), e13171. Available at:
  3. Coghlan, J.G. et al., 2014. Evidence-based detection of pulmonary arterial hypertension in systemic sclerosis: the DETECT study. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 73(7), pp.1340–1349. Available at:
  4. Heinzl, H., Mittlböck, M. & Edler, L., 2008. Technical uncertainty in the back-calculation of occupational exposure to dioxins. Statistics in Medicine, 27(12), pp.2214–2233. Available at:
  5. Heinzl, H. & Kaider, A., 1997. Gaining more flexibility in Cox proportional hazards regression models with cubic spline functions. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 54(3), pp.201–208. Available at: