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Josef Gotzmann
Dr. Josef GotzmannHead of Biooptics Facility Light Microscopy (Max Perutz labs)

Center for Medical Biochemistry (Division of Molecular Biology)
Position: Research Associate (Postdoc)

ORCID: 0000-0001-6392-2115
T +43 1 4277 - 61672

Further Information


DNA Repair; Microscopy; Nuclear Envelope

Research interests

My main research focus is still nuclear biology. After years of research in this field, I moved on to head the centralized light microscopy facility at Max Perutz labs.Here I service researchers to meet their experimental demand in the field of Biooptics. We think we are a big puzzle-piece at the technological side of successful biomedical research for many of the scientists.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

Confocal microscopy; Live Imaging; High Content Imaging Screening; Superresolution Microscopy; TIRF Microscopy;

Selected publications

  1. Garbrecht, J. et al., 2018. Simultaneous dual-channel imaging to quantify interdependent protein recruitment to laser-induced DNA damage sites. Nucleus, 9(1), pp.474,
  2. Kaufmann, T. et al., 2017. A novel non-canonical PIP-box mediates PARG interaction with PCNA. Nucleic Acids Research, 45(16), pp.9741,
  3. Brachner, A. et al., 2012. The endonuclease Ankle1 requires its LEM and GIY-YIG motifs for DNA cleavage in vivo. Journal of Cell Science, 125(4), pp.1048,
  4. Brachner, A., 2005. LEM2 is a novel MAN1-related inner nuclear membrane protein associated with A-type lamins. Journal of Cell Science, 118(24), pp.5797,
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