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Austrian Academy of Sciences scholarships for MedUni Vienna researchers

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Bild: APA-Fotoservice/Hautzinger

(Vienna, 22-06-2022) The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) has accepted more young researchers onto its scholarship programmes. In 2022, 103 young scientists were awarded scholarships. Fourteen of these grants went to female researchers at MedUni Vienna.

The range of projects selected in the international peer review process once again covers the entire spectrum of the sciences - from natural sciences, life sciences and medicine to humanities, social sciences and cultural sciences. The ÖAW is providing a total of €19.3 million of funding from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, the National Foundation, and the MAX KADE Foundation for implementing these programmes.

The DOC, DOC-team, APART-GSK and APARTMINT programmes for young researchers provide financial support for research projects in the natural and technical sciences, life sciences and medicine, as well as in the humanities, social sciences and cultural sciences.

MedUni Vienna award winners

Magdalena Frank | Institute of Cancer Research [DOC]
The Impact of Stromal Architecture on Immunotherapy Resistance in Human Colorectal Cancer

Mariella Gloria Gregorich | Institute of Clinical Biometrics [DOC]
A Framework for Developing Prognostic Models with Networks as Predictors (PRONET)

Carola Nadine Jaunecker | Institute of Cancer Research [DOC]
Dissecting and Targeting Mechanisms of Cell Immortalization in Lethal Ependymoma Subtypes

Viktoriia Kartysh | Department of Neurology [DOC]
CRISPR-Cas9-Based Screening Methods to Discover Common Pathways and Therapeutic Targets in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Andreea Corina Luca | Center for Physiology and Pharmacology [DOC]
Sensitization of KRAS-Driven Lung Adenocarcinoma to Immunotherapy by Pan-ErbB Inhibition

Marta Palomo Irigoyen | Department of Dermatology [APART-MINT]
From Skin to Bones: Unravelling Calprotectin Function

Henrieta Papúchová | Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology [DOC]
The Role of the SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling Complex in Trophoblast Identity

Djurdja Pasajlic | Department of Dermatology [DOC]
Understanding the Regulatory Principles of Interferon-induced Memory in Macrophages

Danijela Radovanović | Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology [DOC]
Studies on the Biological Significance of N1-Methyladenosine and N1-Methylguanosine at Position 9 in Human Mitochondrial tRNAs

Daria Romanovskaia | CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the ÖAW [DOC]
Understanding Ewing Sarcoma Therapy Resistance Mechanisms through Multi-Omics Analysis

Andrea Miriam Schneider | Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry [DOC]
An fNIRS Study on the Neural Correlates of Compulsive Exercise in Adolescents with Eating Disorders in a Virtual Reality Paradigm

Simone Stang | Institute of Medical Genetics [DOC]
The Impact of Cancer Associated Fibroblast-Derived Activin A on CRC Progression

Carmen Stecher | Institute of Cancer Research [APART-MINT]
T Cell Clonotypes, Positioning and Hallmarks of Senescence in Human MSS Colorectal Cancer

Marta Surbek | Department of Dermatology [DOC]
Molecular Control of Epidermal Cornification