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MedUni Vienna successfully completed Quality Management Systems audit

Unconditional certification according to University Quality Assurance Act
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(Wien, 26-09-2022) MedUni Vienna has successfully completed the audit of its Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the University Quality Assurance Act and the Accreditation agency for study programmes in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS). The certification is unconditionally valid until 31 July 2029. In addition, MedUni Vienna has also received certification in various other departments of university operations, including for its diploma studies in human medicine and dentistry.

The Medical University of Vienna concluded an agreement with the AHPGS (Accreditation agency for study programmes in Health and Social Sciences) to conduct an audit in accordance with the requirements of Section 22 of the Austrian Higher Education Quality Assurance Act (HS-QSG). In the context of the audit procedure, the Quality Management System of MedUni Vienna was assessed and certified by external assessors.
The following departments were assessed in addition to the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG):

  • Quality strategy and its integration in the University’s methods of control
  • Structures and procedures of quality assurance in the departments of study and teaching, research or development and opening up of the arts or applied research and development, organisation, administration and personnel
  • Integration of internationalisation and social objectives in the Quality Management System
  • Information systems and involvement of stakeholders
  • Structures and procedures for quality assurance of university courses pursuant to Section 56 UG, of continuing education courses at universities of applied sciences pursuant to Section 9 FHG, as well as of continuing education courses operated in form of cooperation within the meaning of Section 3 (2) line 11 FHG, and of university courses pursuant to Section 39 HG.

In their final report, the experts attest that MedUni Vienna has established and further developed a broad-based and robust quality assurance system in line with its strategy in recent years. MedUni Vienna's corporate policy shows a clear quality strategy, which is regulated by the defined processes and implemented in the facilities. They perceive a clear incorporation of the quality management system in the university, a noticeable quality culture and the intention to implement the common, demanding quality goals.

For the assessors, it is evident that the system is practiced and represents added value for the university, the degree programmes, the teachers and the students. In addition to the necessary and sensible standardisations, the quality assurance concept also offers sufficient flexibility and scope for design for the various MedUni Vienna institutions. It is suitable for the assessment of the effectiveness of internal processes in the fields of research, study and teaching, as well as for ensuring ongoing further development. In this context, the measures are not only aimed at quality assurance, but also at quality development in particular.

Successful certification in other departments
MedUni Vienna has already successfully completed various audits and certification procedures in other areas. For example, the ISO certification according to 9001:2015 (extension audit) for the management system of selected organisational facilities was recently achieved (June 2022) by TÜV Nord Austria. This certification includes the Study Department, University Library, Coordination Centre for Clinical Studies as well as the Teaching Centre and Lecture Hall Centre of the Medical University.

On several occasions, the Medical University of Vienna has also received unconditional accreditations for the diploma studies in human medicine and dentistry. The awarded seals of approval certify the international quality of the two MedUni Vienna curricula and compliance with quality assurance criteria.

MedUni Vienna has also been awarded a quality mark as a family-friendly university several times. Since 2010 MedUni Vienna has been taking part in the "Audit hochschuleundfamilie", a state quality mark which awards universities for their merits and commitment with regard to the compatibility of family and work or study and underlines their exemplary effect with regard to family-friendliness. In 2021, the certificate was renewed for the third time and the Medical University of Vienna was thus once again recognised as a family-friendly employer.