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Erik Küng is Researcher of the Month July 2022

– People of the MedUni Vienna, Researcher of the Month

Diagnosing pneumomediastinum in a neonate using a lung ultrasound

Neonatal screening: programme successfully expanded

– Medicine & Science

Screening for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and congenital immunodeficiencies (SCID)

Double Hit: "Aegean Conference Travel Award" and “EACR Bursary Award” for young MedUni Vienna scientist

– People of the MedUni Vienna

Awards for Ines Garces de los Fayos Alonso, a PhD student at the Department of Pathology

Aida Naghilou receives an award from the Plastic Surgery Research Council

– People of the MedUni Vienna

Award for her work ”elucidating the reasons behind the success of spider silk in nerve regeneration”

Mugwort allergy: MedUni Vienna study creates basis for vaccine

– Medicine & Science

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) poses a serious problem for allergic individuals from July through to September

Austrian Academy of Sciences scholarships for MedUni Vienna researchers

– People of the MedUni Vienna

14 researchers receive support for their projects

New blood biomarker identified for status of fatty liver disease

– Medicine & Science

Role of a specific subtype of macrophages in progressive non-alcoholic fatty liver disease identified

MedUni Vienna researchers receive Novartis Prize

– People of the MedUni Vienna

Study team led by Olaf Merkel receives award for study on anaplastic large cell lymphoma

MedUni Vienna takes in students from Ukraine

– University, Studies & Further Education

Nine prospective doctors have been successfully integrated into the study programme

Covid-19: chronic liver disease patients at high risk of liver failure and bile duct damage

– Medicine & Science

Secondary sclerosing cholangitis occurs significantly more frequently after Covid-19 than after other serious illnesses