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Andrea Barta receives an award to honour her outstanding services to the RNA community

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Andrea Barta

(Vienna, 26-07-2016) Andrea Barta, from the Max F. Perutz Laboratories at the Vienna Medical University and University of Vienna, receives an award to honour her outstanding services to the RNA community.

Granted by the Board of Directors of the RNA Society at the “RNA 2016 Conference” in Kyoto, Japan, the Service Award acknowledges and honours Prof. Barta’s lifelong dedication to the world of RNA research. She has carried out pioneering research in the RNA field for over three decades, and substantially contributed to the establishment of a prospering RNA community in Vienna.

“The functional complexity of RNA has fascinated me throughout my scientific career and has revolutionized the way we think about gene regulation today. This excitement in the field has led to significant recruitments of research groups and to a structured PhD program (Doktoratskolleg, funded by FWF) for RNA Biology which made Vienna an internationally recognised hot-spot in RNA research”, says Prof. Barta.

Prof. Barta, leading her own group at the MFPL, is an EMBO member as well as a full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).
Among many other accomplishments, Prof. Barta co-founded and currently leads Vienna’s initiative for life science communication, Open Science and the Vienna Open Lab, an enterprise significantly improving the transfer of scientific knowledge to the broader public. She also chairs the PhD Program in RNA Biology at the MFPL, promoting and supporting aspiring RNA scientists.

The RNA Society, founded in 1993, is a scientific non-profit society with over 1000 members worldwide, promoting research and education in RNA research. The Society’s mission aims to encourage the divulgation and propagation of research results.