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Lower Austrian Children’s Rights Prize 2016 goes to MedUni Vienna researchers

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Fotonachweis: Eveline Knabb, Landeskriminalamt NÖ
Gabriela Peterschofsky-Orange (NÖ Kinder- & Jugend-Anwältin), Lilly Damm (MedUni Wien), DSA Sarah Seiwald (Caritas Erzdiözese Wien), Landesrätin Barbara Schwarz, Martin Morauf, Irene Fuchsluger (BAfEP Amstetten)

(Vienna, 12 December 2016) Authors, Lilly Damm, Ulrike Leiss and Ulrike Habeler from MedUni Vienna, in collaboration with Wolfgang Habeler, were awarded the Lower Austrian Children's Rights Prize for their publication "Ärztliche Kommunikation mit Kindern und Jugendlichen".


The book entitled "Ärztliche Kommunikation mit Kindern und Jugendlichen" was written by Lilly Damm (Center for Public Health), together with Ulrike Leiss and Ulrike Habeler (Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, St. Anna Children's Hospital) of MedUni Vienna, in collaboration with Wolfgang Habeler, and was published by LIT-Verlag in 2014.


As part of their everyday work, doctors have a lot of interaction with children, young people and their families. They therefore know from experience how difficult it is to talk to children and adolescents about serious health conditions or to tackle difficult situations with them. Often the conversations are held between adults. How can we successfully involve children in the dialogue and understand their point of view, in order to reassure them and instil them with confidence?

Communications offer great potential for successful cooperation and salutogenesis. This book is intended to bridge the gap between the plethora of literature on communication skills for doctors dealing with children and young people and the reality of everyday clinical practice. It is designed to provide an impetus for practice, research and education.

The Lower Austrian Children’s Rights Prize is awarded by the Lower Austrian Children's and Youth Attorneys' Office (NÖ kija) in conjunction with the Danube University Krems.

Improving the quality of communications is an aim of the healthcare reform initiative
The strategy to "improve the quality of communication in healthcare" is intended as part of the general healthcare goal of "improving the public’s health competence". It has recently been developed and agreed as part of the health targets adopted by the Federal Government, Regions and Social Security agencies. The general health targets provide an important orientation framework for the current Austrian health reforms, especially for the health promotion strategy adopted by the Federal Health Commission.  Information