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Richard Crevenna wins ÖGPMR poster prize

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Bild: MedUni Wien/Matern

(Vienna, 10 November 2016) Richard Crevenna, acting Head of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at MedUni Vienna was awarded the poster prize at the annual conference of the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which took place at the beginning of November in the Vienna Billrothhaus and the Josephinum.

Crevenna presented the poster entitled "Oncological Rehabilitation in Austria as an integral module of the care continuum for patients with malignant diseases – catchphrase "Return to work" (Crevenna R., Wiltschke C., Marosi C., Mähr B., Hassler M., Licht T., Hütterer E., Keilani M.), which addresses future issues of managing the reintegration and return to work of cancer patients as a result of optimised management of their rehabilitation. If cancer patients are to be successfully reintegrated into the workplace or sustained in their professional roles, it is of key importance to facilitate factors that help them and overcome factors that inhibit them.

The catchphrase "Return to work" therefore also includes rehabilitation to overcome physical and psychosocial functional deficits related to cancer and cancer treatment and more focus should be given to researching targeted side-effects management to help patients remain in work or return to work.

About Richard Crevenna
Richard Crevenna is a specialist in physical medicine and general rehabilitation at MedUni Vienna's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, of which he has been acting Head since April 2014. His main areas of clinical and scientific interest are the interdisciplinary treatment of functional disorders or symptoms in cancer patients and oncological rehabilitation. For several years now there has been a special outpatient clinic for oncological rehabilitation and a "tumour board" for oncological rehabilitation under the auspices of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, as well as the "CCC-SMSCR" (Side effects-Management, Supportive Care & Rehabilitation) platform of the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Vienna. The Society for Researching Oncological Rehabilitation Fundamentals (GEORG for short) was established in 2015 and its second conference will take place in Vienna on 20 January 2017.

Since 2014, Crevenna has been Chairman of MedUni Vienna's Disability Advisory Committee and in 2015 he became President of the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and of GEORG. He has been a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2014.