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Sexual satisfaction: Treating a woman with oxytocin also benefits her male partner

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(Vienna, 18-05-2017) The results of a study conducted at MedUni Vienna under the direction of Michaela Bayerle-Eder, doctor of internal and sexual medicine, showed that the sexual response of men, whose female partners had been treated with the "bonding hormone" oxytocin or a placebo, was enhanced – even to the extent of improving their erectile function.  This effect was not a function of the substance administered, so that the result is attributable to the improvement in communications within the long-term relationship.

Approximately one year ago, in a study published in the prestigious journal "Fertility and Sterility”, the researchers found that treating women with sexual dysfunction with the hormone oxytocin improved their sexual response but also that the comparison group, who had only been given a placebo, showed an almost identical improvement. The specialists in sexual medicine therefore also investigated the effects upon the women's male partners.

This study has now shown that treating the female partners with oxytocin not only enhances their own sexuality but also that of their male partners. Since the effect was found not only in the group receiving the active agent but also in the placebo group, it is once again thought to be triggered by the improved communication within the relationship.

The specific results: "The mere fact that the couple discussed sexuality more in their relationship and that they had to keep a joint diary helped to enhance their sexual response," summarises Bayerle-Eder. The results were just as good in the placebo group as they were in the group of couples where the women were given oxytocin. Says Bayerle-Eder: "This is of major importance for all sex therapists. It is not just the medication that helps but rather, and more importantly, the functional social interaction within a relationship."

This is particularly important for older couples in long-term relationships. The 30 couples in the study had been together for between 2 and 33 years and were aged between 41 and 65.

More information on the subject of sexuality is available at the 4th "Interdisciplinary Sexual Medicine" symposium at MedUni Vienna on 17/18 November 2017. Plus: public-access lecture by Gerti Senger for anyone who is interested. You can register at:

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