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University instead of school – Register for KinderuniWien

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(Vienna, 06 June 2018) On Monday, all those inquisitive children who have already signed up for Vienna Children's University (KinderuniWien) and made a list of their preferred classes can get going: online registration for KinderuniWien opens at 17:00 hrs on 11 June 2018 at: 417 classes are available, with around 24,500 student places. The lecturers at the seven sites have created a diverse and varied programme. The theme at Children's University:Medicine is: "Health detectives – On the trail of rare diseases".

Vice-Rector Anita Rieder and Environmental Health expert Hans-Peter Hutter at the workshop in the elementary school Brüßlgasse

Get a taste of Uniluft for a day: this option was already provided by around 240 pupils from the elementary school in Brüßlgasse. In lectures and workshops with this year's children's university teachers, they were able to gain insights into the KinderuniWien program and the various fields of research and thus experience KinderuniWien in their own school walls.

Below is a selection of programme highlights:

Children's University:Medicine
Martin Krammel, Medical University of Vienna, Patrick Aigner, Vienna Emergency Services: "Even your hands can save lives"
Claudia Eder, Speising Orthopaedic Hospital (Medical University of Vienna teaching hospital): "What does a fire salamander have to do with modern medicine?"
Heidelinde Rusch, Janina Patsch, Medical University of Vienna: "What do I look like from the inside?"

Children's University:Medicine programme

Children's University:Science

Nikolaus Wieser, Cornelia Lanser, University of Vienna: "My Europe – Living in the EU"Sonja Schreiner, Franz Römer, University of Vienna: "Did "Europe" already exist in ancient times?"Martin Rose, University of Vienna – Botanical Garden: "Can I buy a panda?"

Children's University:Technology
Markus Bader, Technical University of Vienna: "How come robots operate on their own?"Thomas Laminger, Christian Jordan, Technical University of Vienna: "Microplastics, where they hide, how you can avoid them"Ille C. Gebeshuber, Technical University of Vienna: "Bionics of butterflies"

Children's University:Natural Resources
Andreas Walzer, Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences: "Eating and being eaten" Gabriele Weigelhofer, Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences: "Classroom-Science-Interaction: Water chemistry – tracking down phosphorus"Helga Pülzl, Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences: "Governing in the European Union"

Children's University:Economics
Phillip Nell, Vienna University of Economics and Business: "All the countries of the world in one shopping basket – What exactly is globalisation?"Stephan Klinger, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Christoph Kodada, Financial Market Authority: "Do money launderers have a washing machine?"Paulhart-Hebenstreit Sandra, Spätauf Klaus-Jürgen, Vienna University of Economics and Business: "Everyone can code"

Children's University:Applied Sciences
Christian Hölzl, Henriette Fischer, Vienna University of Applied Sciences: "How can I build an igloo out of newspaper in the summer?" Udo Unterweger, Vienna University of Applied Sciences: "Student formula"Bernhard Taufner, Heimo Hirner, Vienna University of Applied Sciences: "Hacking Social Media"

Children's University:Veterinary Medicine
Christian Knecht, Sophie Dürlinger, Christine Unterweger, Vienna University of Veterinary Medicine: "At home with pigs"Kerstin Mair, Vienna University of Veterinary Medicine: "The body police – our immune system"Constanze Hartmann, Vienna University of Veterinary Medicine: "Puppy alarm for the Beagle family" 

Other highlights
 "Tiny cells made big!": At the IST Austria research day on 20 July, KinderuniWien students can dip their toes into the fascinating world of biology. Using the very latest findings from an IST Austria research team, they will learn all about cells and microscopy and will have an opportunity to look inside animal and plant cells for themselves.

"Actively mobile": This is all about walking and cycling in Vienna. Sponsored by the Vienna Mobility Agency, the young students will move around the city in teaching events such as "Do you know about geocoaching?", "Urban researchers on the move" or "Walking in the park with our eyes".

Important KinderuniWien dates
KinderuniWien students should make a note of two important dates: the collection day will take place on the University of Vienna campus on 8 July (9:00 – 14:00 hours), when students will be able to collect their student passes and T-shirts. Students can take along their whole family and/or their friends: two family lectures with scientists from the University of Vienna are on offer and these are open to visitors of any age. Every KinderuniWien ends with a Children's University graduation ceremony: this year's ceremony will be held in the University of Vienna's Audimax auditorium on 21 July. Students can register for the graduation ceremony during KinderuniWien at any of the Information Points.