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WiSIA wins Sustainability Award 2018 in "Structural Anchoring" category

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(Vienna, 07 June 2018) WISIA (Women in Science - an Interdisciplinary Association) won the Sustainability Award 2018 in the Structural Anchoring category. Since it was set up in 2009, this inter-university network has linked female researchers and promoted mutual exchange and joint projects. The association also includes several researchers from MedUni Vienna.

In order to promote sustainability processes within the Austrian university landscape and raise awareness about them, the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism and the Ministry of Education, Science and Research jointly initiated the Sustainability Award in Autumn 2007. This award is presented every two years to the most innovative and sustainable universities.

Three MedUni Vienna researchers, Ruth Kutalek (Center for Public Health), Enikö Kallay and Isabella Ellinger (both at the Institute of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research), belong to the association. Ruth Kutalek is currently working in Africa as a medical anthropologist researching viral haemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola, Enikö Kallay is researching the molecular mechanisms by which vitamin D and calcium are able to prevent colon cancer. Isabella Ellinger is working, inter alia, on the development of algorithms for automated tissue recognition and on the optimisation of iron supplementation during pregnancy.

WiSIA supports UNO sustainable development goals
WiSIA researchers are working individually, but primarily as an association, to publicise and achieve the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations. The new “Sustainable development agenda 2030" was adopted at a UN summit in 2015. The participating nations defined 17 goals in this agenda, with the aim of putting an end to poverty, protecting our planet and achieving well-being for all. As part of this process, specific subgoals must be implemented over the next 15 years. The overall aim is to change the lives of millions of people.
WiSIA's main interdisciplinary focus is on Gender Equality and Quality Education. The WISIA representatives at MedUni Vienna are primarily involved in the area of Good Health.

WISIA (Women in Science - an Interdisciplinary Association) was founded by participants in "fFORTE_Coaching - Frauen in Forschung und Technologie” [Women in Research and Technology] 2008/09 orgainised by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF) to provide a network for female scientists long after the coaching initiative had finished.

The association, which has been in existence since 2009, is dedicated to collaboration between women in science and culture, promoting further education and mutual exchange, as well as conducting research, cultural and networking projects and publishing the resulting new findings.

The scientific successes of association members so far include projects funded by the EU, FWF, FFG and Vienna Science and Technology Fund and funding acquired from the BMBWF "forIMuse - Research at Museums", the Herzfelder Family Foundation (FWF), City of Vienna University Jubilee Fund, Jubilee Fund (OeNB), doc fForte (ÖAW), Appear (ADC), and Climate Fund (bmvitt). In addition to this, WiSIA has set up 1 firm, made several documentary films, published 26 books and won many scientific prizes. WiSIA women are particularly active in the area or science education, as can be seen from secured projects such as Sparkling Science (BMBWF), FemTech (bmvitt/FFG), Regional Talent (bmvitt/FFG) and more than? 30 FFG Young Talent schemes that have been run.