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Richard Crevenna awarded "Portele" by professional association of DMTF+MAB Austria

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(Vienna, 15 May 2018) At the conference of the professional association DMTF+MAB Austria (graduate healthcare professionals, graduate medical assistants and medical auxiliaries) in Linz, Richard Crevenna, Head of the Department of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine at MedUni Vienna/Vienna General Hospital was awarded the "Portele" in recognition of the support he has given over many years.



The "Portele" prize is the highest honour bestowed by these professional groups. It is named after the groups' founder, Karl Alfons von Portele, who, amongst other things, was a pathologist at Vienna General Hospital and Director of the Federal Museum of Anatomical Pathology in the Narrenturm, as well as founder and medical director of education for the "graduate healthcare professionals" group.


About Richard Crevenna
Richard Crevenna is a specialist in physical medicine and general rehabilitation and Head of MedUni Vienna's Department of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine. He is also an occupational physician and geriatrician and an interdisciplinary pain specialist. The main focus of his clinical and scientific work is the interdisciplinary treatment of functional disorders or symptoms in cancer patients and oncological rehabilitation. A special outpatient clinic for oncological rehabilitation has been in existence for several years now, as has a tumour board for oncological rehabilitation under the auspices of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, plus the "CCC-SMSCR" (Side effects-Management, Supportive Care & Rehabilitation) platform of the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Vienna, as well as the Society for the Study of Oncological Rehabilitative Foundations (GEORG for short). Since 2014, Crevenna has been Chairman of MedUni Vienna's Disability Advisory Committee and, in 2015, he became President of the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and of GEORG. He has been a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2014.