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MedUni Vienna FWF-scholarship winners honoured at the BE Open Science Festival

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(Vienna, 17 September 2018) Winners of scholarships from the 2017 Hertha Firnberg programme and Elise Richter programme were honoured at the Austrian Science Fund's BE Open Science Festival in Vienna's Maria-Theresienplatz (8 – 12 September). These programmes provide postdoc grants to support the careers of female researchers. Four MedUni Vienna employees are among the researchers receiving scholarships: Linda Trübestein and Daniela Lötsch (Hertha Firnberg scholarships) and Elisa Vilardo and Stefanie Widder (Elise Richter scholarships).

Hertha Firnberg Programme 2017

Linda Trübestein
from the Division of Molecular Genetics is conducting a research project entitled "Regulation of the cytoskeleton via kinases from the DMPK family".  » Link Abstract

Daniela Lötsch from the Institute of Cancer Research is conducting a research project entitled, "TERT promoter mutations and tumour aggressiveness". » Link Abstract


Elise Richter Programme 2017

Elisa Vilardo from the Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology is conducting a research project entitled, "Studies into the methylation of nuclear cytosolic tRNA", biomedical consequences of RNA methylation. » Link Abstract

Stefanie Widder is conducting a research project entitled "Lung microbiome as biomarker for CF exacerbation" on clinical symptoms in cystic fibrosis patients. » Link Abstract


About the FWF programmes
The FWF (Austrian Science Fund) offers highly qualified female science graduates pursuing an academic career with the opportunity of receiving a total of 6 years of funding as part of a two-stage career development programme. The career development programme for female scientists is divided into the Hertha Firnberg Postdoc Programme for sponsoring women starting out on their scientific careers and the Elise Richter Senior Postdoc Programme or, for women working in arts-based research, into the Elise Richter Programme for Advancement and Appreciation of the Arts and the Elise Richter PEEK - with the aim of qualifying to apply for a professorship at home or abroad (habilitation or arts-based habilitation or equivalent qualification).