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Ewald Unger named MedUni Vienna "Inventor of the Year"

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(Vienna, 30 January 2018) The Medical University of Vienna has chosen Ewald Unger from the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering to be its "Inventor of the Year 2017".

Ewald Unger has registered 28 inventions (during the period 2005 - 2017). Many of these technologies were patented (16 patent families with more than 60 individual patterns). For example, he played a major role in the technological development of the high-emotion newborn simulator "Paul" produced by MedUni Vienna spin-off SimCharacters GmbH, which has already won several prizes, the most recent of these being the prestigious Houska Prize 2017.  

The combination of doctor/natural scientist and engineer in an inventor is often a key factor in the successful translation of an idea into a product. This is borne out in the case of Ewald Unger, IP licensing agreements having already been successfully concluded with commercial partners.

His inventive activities include areas such as prosthetics, surgical instruments, implants including dental implants and surgery, electrodes, specialised drilling and trepanning equipment, simulators, actuators, artificial training devices and many others. He has collaborated on the implementation of prototypes on several PRIZE projects (prototype development projects run by Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH).

"Ewald Unger's wide-ranging portfolio of successful projects and patents not only reflects his "inventive passion" but also his extremely broad engineering expertise in the field of medical engineering," says Michaela Fritz, MedUni Vienna's Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, describing Ewald Unger's qualities: "His innovative spirit and friendly cooperation with colleagues from many different disciplines, departments, divisions and even other universities make for a constant source of inventions in the field of medical engineering."