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MedUni Vienna improves position in CWTS Leiden Ranking 2019

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(Vienna, 24 May 2019) In terms of the quality of its publications, MedUni Vienna is among Europe's top universities. The latest CWTS Leiden Ranking compares universities' output to scientific publications. MedUni Vienna has managed to climb twenty places in the "Biomedical and health sciences" category, so that it is now in 181st position worldwide.

The ranking weights the significance of publications. For example, in the P(Top1%) category, in which the top 1% of the most cited publications are counted in absolute terms, MedUni Vienna comes 251st in the overall ranking, while, in the "Biomedical and health sciences" area, it ranks 83rd in the world.

MedUni Vienna has long been in Top 100 in "Biomedical and health sciences"
However, it is the category in which the percentage of a university's most cited publications is measured against its total number of publications (PP-Top1%) that is more meaningful. Due to an improvement in the quality of its publications in the "Biomedical and health sciences" category, MedUni Vienna climbed 20 places against other universities relative to the previous year and now ranks 181st in the world.

In another category, in which Open Access publications are evaluated, PP (OA), MedUni Vienna ranks 164th worldwide (95th in Europe). 54.2% of all MedUni Vienna's publications are "open access", meaning that they are freely available to everyone.

Highest ranked Austrian University in the biomedical area
As far as the absolute number of all publications, "Top10%" publications and "Top1%" publications in the "Biomedical and health sciences" area is concerned, MedUni Vienna has been No. 1 in Austria and among the top 100 worldwide for many years now (in position 100 for the number of all publications, 88 for the number of Top10% publications and 83 for the number of Top1% publications).

The Leiden Ranking 2019 included 963 universities from 56 different countries. According to the "PP(Top10%)" indicator, ten Austrian universities lie between ranks 149 and 551 in the general area (fractional counting). MedUni Vienna is listed in 234th place.

About the CWTS Leiden Ranking
The CWTS Leiden Ranking published by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (Centrum voor Wetenschap en Technologische Studies, CWTS) at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands is a multi-dimensional ranking based exclusively on so-called bibliometric analyses. Bibliometry uses mathematical and statistical methods to analyse scientific publications. It does not make any judgement about the quality or content of publications but is solely concerned with quantitative aspects. For example, a core variable is the citation rate, that is to say how frequently individual publications are explicitly used (cited) by other scientists in their works.
The indicators are calculated solely on the basis of publication data from the Science Citation Index Expanded, the Social Sciences Citation Index and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index. It is therefore only publications in international journals that are used in calculating the indicators, while no account is taken of other types of publication (e.g. book publications), which therefore do not count towards the ranking of a university.