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The research adventure starts on 06 July 2020 with Kinderuni:Science and a major focus on digitisation
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Bild: Kinderbüro Uni Wien/Joseph Krpelan

(Vienna, 02 July 2020) The first themed week of [Children’s University online] goes live on 06 July. All the children are eagerly looking forward to this day. And judging by the initial registrations, there are a lot of them: more than 4,000 children will start to collect "Geistesblitze" (flashes of genius) from Monday. Kinderuni students from round the world will be taking part: from all Austrian states, the Ukraine, Romania, Sweden and even the USA. Kinderuni:Medicine then starts on 20 July. Registration remains open throughout the summer.

Versatile programme of insights into the world of research: 24 hours a day – for 10 weeks
Whether in the form of a video, podcast or poster, scientists from the participating universities have let their imaginations run wild over the last few weeks and produced exciting, entertaining and varied online formats. These will be posted online on the Monday of each week starting on 06 July:

06 July: Kinderuni:Science 1 – University of Vienna; Focus on digitisation with the kind support of A1
13 July: Kinderuni:Natural Resources – University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna
20 July: Kinderuni:Medicine – Medical University of Vienna
27 July: Kinderuni:Economics – University for Economics and Business Administration Vienna
03 August: Kinderuni:Veterinary Medicine – Vienna University of Veterinary Medicine
10 August: IST@Kinderuni – Institute of Science and Technology (IST Austria)
17 August: ÖAW@Kinderuni – Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)
24 August: Kinderuni:Technology – Vienna University of Technology, Kinderuni:Applied Sciences – Vienna University of Applied Sciences
31 August: Kinderuni:Science 2 – University of Vienna
07 September: Themed week on "Climate and Energy"

The best thing about the themed weeks are not a collection of courses that have to be attended at any particular time but are provided in online formats that children can listen to, read or watch at any time!
Each contribution will be accompanied and supplemented by interactive elements in a quiz format, such as e.g. "Switching stations ", "Stop-gaps", "Letter puzzles", "Pairs of twins", "Fact check" and many more. If they answer the quiz correctly, participants will collect "Geistesblitze" on their personal account. Those who have collected a lot of "Geistesblitze" by the end of the summer can call themselves "Master Researchers".

Wednesday will be Kinderuni day: Summer moments for the whole family
The fixed time in the family calendar this summer: Wednesday, 17:00 hrs: Live-streamed family lecture!
You can join in no matter where you are: in the park, up a mountain, by a lake or at home on the sofa.
The topics offer a journey through universities and various areas of research:

08 July, 17:00 hrs: Fares Kayali (University of Vienna) "Can you learn with computer games?"
15 July, 17:00 hrs: David Leidinger, Barbara König, Sabina Thaler (Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences): "What is this climate change?"
22 July, 17:00 hrs: Eva Geringer, Monika Redlberger-Fritz (Medical University of Vienna): "The world of viruses"
29 July, 17:00 hrs: Michael König (University for Economics and Business Administration Vienna): "Tapir Fridolin's toyshop and the corona crisis"
05 August, 17:00 hrs: Sibylle Kneissl (Vienna University of  Veterinary Medicine): "To see or not to see: x-ray view through Vetmeduni Vienna's small animal clinic"
12 August, 17:00 hrs: Michael Riedl (Institute for Science and Technology Austria): "Where coincidence ends and chaos begins"
19 August, 17:00 hrs: Julia Budka (Austrian Academy of Sciences): "More than pyramids"
26 August, 17:00 hrs: Alexander Redlein (Vienna University of Technology): "Living and working in 2030"
02 September, 17:00 hrs: Barbara Schober, Marlene Kollmayer (University of Vienna): "How does learning operate?" – for adults too!
In line with the digitisation theme, Kinderuni partner A1 is also offering virtual information events for parents: What must I watch out for when my child plays with a smartphone or tablet? How can I help my child to use the Internet responsibly? How do I discuss potential risks and what special children's websites are available? You can find the schedule and access data for these on the on website.

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