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Veronika Fialka-Moser Diversity Prize 2020 for outstanding contributions to diversity

Awards for MedUni Vienna projects honour services to diversity and highlight the subject of diversity
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Elena Jirovsky and Werner Lagler (1st place dissertation category) with Ernst Eigenbauer

The Medical University of Vienna awards the Veronika Fialka-Moser Diversity Prize to consciously encourage the discussion about diversity at the university. It is intended to recognise contributions in this area and to highlight the issue of diversity. The prize is named after Veronika Fialka-Moser, Professor of Physical Medicine, in recognition of her many years’ service in the field of Diversity Management at MedUni Vienna.

This year's prizes were awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions in the categories Dissertations and Commitment. Prize money of €2,000 is awarded in each category. MedUni Vienna employees, graduates and students are able to submit papers.

Prize-winners in the "Dissertation" category
First place: Werner Lagler (supervisor: Elena Jirovsky) Needs of refugees and asylum seekers in psychosocial healthcare provision in Vienna
Second place: Gerhild Katz (supervisor: Jasminka Godnic-Cvar) Social relationships as an important factor in creating a working environment that is conducive to health
Third place: Elisabeth Zehetner "I am not denying my identity" - On the satisfaction of trans people with the diagnostic process
Third place: Natascha Victoria Schor (supervisor: Daniela Dörfler) Evaluation of sexual satisfaction in trans-identity patients following gender reassignment surgery in consideration of urogynaecological problems

Prize-winners in the "Commitment" category
First place: Queering van Swieten – Diversifying Medical History, 2020/21 (award for the project, submitted by several people)
Second place: Stefanie Widder, Beate Lichtenberger – Elise Richter Network
Third place: Anne-Margarethe Kramer, Bruno Podesser – Breaking down barriers – What motivates us