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Alan F. Schatzberg receives an honorary professorship from the Medical University of Vienna

(Vienna, 29th March 2011) Professor Alan F. Schatzberg M.D. is Past-President of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and was until recently Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, CA, US. He has been associated with close cooperation with the MedUni Vienna for approximately 20 years, the results of which, amongst others, are new treatment methods in cases of depression. At the same time Early Stage Researchers of the MedUni Vienna have been continuously supported. Due to this bond and the scientific results that have subsequently been achieved as a result, Alan F. Schatzberg received an honorary professorship from the Medical University of Vienna on 29th March.

Since 1991 when Alan F. Schatzberg took up the Chair in Psychiatry at Stanford University, he has been nurturing and intensifying the contact with the Medical University of Vienna. This has also been reflected to-date in successful joint research projects. For example, Schatzberg and Siegfried Kasper, Head of the University Department for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the MedUni Vienna, have been able to show new and ground-breaking treatment options in cases of depression and bipolar (“manic-depressive”) disorders. Furthermore they worked on various projects on the subjects of handling aggression and psychopathological abnormalities in adolescent refugees. Additionally joint conferences were also arranged regularly, at which the international quality of the treatments carried out at the MedUni Vienna was exhibited.

A further focus in the cooperation with the MedUni Vienna is shown in the development of young scientists. This incorporates, amongst others, research internships, supervision during research projects as well as mentoring and support in diploma theses and dissertations. Also numerous results have been published in internationally renowned journals as a result of this cooperation.

Owing to this long-standing intensive cooperation and the achievements that it has brought about, on 29th March in the Art Nouveau auditorium of the MedUni Vienna, Vice-Chancellor Wolfgang Schütz awarded an honorary professorship to Alan F. Schatzberg. The speech in his honour was given by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Kasper. He took up the chair for Psychiatry at the University of Vienna as well as the Directorship of the Clinical Department for General Psychiatry in 1993. Since 2007 he has also been the Director of the University Department for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the MedUni Vienna.

The Medical University of Vienna can award an honorary professorship to any person, who on the basis of their scientific achievements has an excellent reputation amongst their peers and who has provided excellent service to the MedUni Vienna. Since MedUni Vienna became an independent university (2004), it has bestowed an honorary professorship to the following people:
Prof. Dr. Fritz H. Bach (2005), Prof. Dr. Richard Dean (2005), Dr. Jürgen Radmoski (2007).

Prof. Alan F. Schatzberg, MD, has investigated the biology and psychopharmacology of depressive disorders and in doing so originally characterised the norepinephrine system. Through this, there has been a significant insight into the biological mechanisms, such as for example, the development of cases of delusional depression. Very recently he has been investigating neuropeptides as an innovative new therapeutic strategy.
His work has been included in over 550 publications; he is the editor of notable psychiatric textbooks and furthermore is editor or on the editorial board of American and international scientific journals.
Schatzberg is Past-President of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) and of the American Society of Biological Psychiatry (ASBP).
His comprehensive scientific work has been recognised with numerous national and international awards, amongst others the Gerald L. Klerman, MD Lifetime Research Award of the NDMDA, the Gerald L. Klerman, MD Award of the Cornell University Medical College, the Forum Award of the 3rd International Forum of Mood and Anxiety Disorders (IFMAD) as well as the Distinguished Service in Psychiatry Award of the American College of Psychiatrists.

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