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Allergy Garden in Oberlaa Spa Park Reopened

MedUni Vienna provides information about pollen dispersal times and allergenicity of different plants

Vienna (04-05-2015) – If you want to know which plants cause reactions such as a runny nose, asthma, sore eyes, skin rashes and many other symptoms at different times of the year, you will find a brief tour around the Allergy Path in Oberlaa Spa Park highly informative.

The Allergy Path in Oberlaa Spa Park has been reopened under the scientific supervision of MedUni Vienna. "29 stations in one of the prettiest areas of the park will help you to refresh your botanical knowledge and provide important information about the pollen dispersal times and allergenicity of the plants as you pass by," explained Sonja Wehsely, Vienna's Public Health Director, at the opening.

As part of a joint project between Vienna’s Municipal Parks and Public Health Departments and the Medical University of Vienna, the Allergy Path, which has existed since 2003, was revitalized for the start of the 2015 grass pollen season. Display boards provide information about any special features, pollen count and cross-reactions with other plants. This information can also be accessed in different languages using a mobile code. By being better informed about what causes an allergy, people are able to take specific precautions so that they are able to enjoy Nature to the full during every season of the year. Visitors can go to see the Allergy Path year-round during park opening times.

District Leader Hermine Mospointner and Municipal Parks Director Rainer Weisgram were delighted that this part of the Spa Park was considered to be so "educational". According to Regional Health Director, Karin Spacek of the Vienna Public Health Department, a lot of personal effort had gone into maintaining the original plant varieties and presenting the important information in a modern and accessible way.
MedUni Vienna’s Pollen Monitoring Service

You can obtain information about the current pollen count via the Pollen App provided by the Austrian Pollen Monitoring Service at the Medical University of Vienna ( This means that pollen allergy sufferers can be forewarned at all times and enjoy the outdoors, whilst avoiding potentially hazardous areas.

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