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Certificate programme "Medical Teaching in Vienna" entered into the "Atlas of Good Teaching"

"Examples of good practice" for the development and encouragement of tutors' educational skills

(Vienna, 17th March 2015) The certificate programme "Medical Teaching in Vienna" by the MedUni Vienna has been inscribed in the "Atlas of Good Teaching" set up by the Federal Ministry of Science, Education and Economics. The training for tutors at the MedUni Vienna therefore serves as an "example of good practice" aimed at improving teaching processes at universities.

"The aim of the Medical Teaching in Vienna certificate programme is to raise the professional standard of medical teaching through the systematic development, advancement and promotion of educational skills among the tutors at the Medical University of Vienna," says Karin Gutiérrez-Lobos, Vice-Rector for Teaching, Gender and Diversity at the MedUni Vienna. The certificate programme is part of the career scheme at the MedUni Vienna and can be completed as part of a qualification agreement. The aim of the programme is to systematically develop and encourage clinicians' teaching skills. By passing on their knowledge through teaching practice, the graduates of the programme take on a multiplier role, helping to contribute long-term to a culture of good teaching practice.

The certificate programme is divided up into three stages: mandatory stage 1 includes an introduction to the subject of medical education and also focuses on teaching in small groups. In mandatory stage 2, the tutors are guided specifically in how to plan teaching events and teaching in plenary situations. The options mandatory stage offers courses on specific teaching and examination methods such as e-learning, problem-orientated learning and multiple choice examinations. The options mandatory stage allows participants to specialise based on their tasks and situations.
Some of the courses are delivered in German, some in English. To graduate from the certificate programme successfully, at least 6 ECTS must be completed. The total time required is around 170 - 200 academic hours.
The certificate programme is currently being comprehensively evaluated in order to determine its effectiveness.

The Atlas of Good Teaching
The Austrian university convention set up a working group in the spring of 2013 in order to strengthen the quality of teaching at universities. The working group comprises representatives of the uniko (Austrian University Convention), the FHK (Austrian Technical University Convention), the Senate Chairman Convention, the ÖPUK (Austrian Private University Convention), the Austrian University Student Body, the Science Committee and the Ministry of Science and its aim is to draft recommendations for the further development of quality in teaching and raising the reputation of teaching.

To flag up problem areas, but also examples of good practice, the working group decided in the autumn of 2013 to carry out a survey at the universities. It was designed to provide a practical supplement to the recommendations of the working group that were at the time still in progress. A look at the examples submitted made it clear that there are numerous initiatives in place at the universities to improve the quality of teaching, however they are often not known about by a wider group of people. As part of the consultations, the working group therefore came up with the idea of a platform designed to offer interested university affiliates the opportunity to make publicly accessible initiatives designed to strengthen the quality of teaching.

The results of this process are now available and are constantly being expanded and updated. "Examples of good practice" are being made publicly available as a generic "online reference".

The target group is the interested public and people who are involved with the development of teaching at universities.


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