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(Vienna, 4 Nov. 2010) Every year the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) prepares a ranking of different natural science subject areas and institutions. In the 2010 “CHE Excellence Ranking” the Medical University of Vienna is a member of the Excellence Group in mathematics, because it is here in particular that work is strongly research-oriented and international.

130 European higher education institutions demonstrate a pronounced research performance and international orientation at least in one of the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. At MedUni Vienna the field of mathematics succeeded in being included in the so-called Excellence Group of the 2010 ranking. Several criteria were decisive for selection, including the number of publications, citations, student mobility, teacher mobility, ERC grants, and the presence of Erasmus Mundus Masters or Marie Curie projects.

The Centre for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems (CeMSIIS) of the MedUni Vienna develops mathematical, particularly also statistical processes for medical research. Long-standing experience in the application of mathematical and statistical methods in medical research projects forms the basis for methodological research. Internationally outstanding fields of research are in particular the development of adaptive study designs for planning and analysing clinical studies, developments in the field of regression models to analyse prognostic factors for chronic diseases, as well as the mathematical modelling of complex biological systems.

The distinction of the CeMSIIS’s mathematical research performance compares it directly with other European university centres where excellent research is conducted in mathematical fields. The now documented successes are based on long-standing continual development work. CeMSIIS (before 2010 termed Special Facility for Medical Statistics and Informatics, MSI) was headed by Prof. M. Schemper (Institute o Clinical Biometry) between 2003 – the MSI’s year of foundation – and 2007, after that by Prof. P. Bauer (Institute of Medical Statistics), who retired only recently.

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