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For two weeks there were exciting events on medical subjects – concluding with a graduation ceremony

(Vienna, 20-07-2015) On Saturday (18 July), the 2015 Vienna KinderuniMedizin [Children's Summer School] concluded by celebrating a graduation ceremony. In the first two weeks of the holiday this year, more than 4,000 children sated their thirst for knowledge at the successful 13th project on scientific education. There were 496 lectures with 29,924 places and more than 600 scientists took part.

This summer too, the Medical University of Vienna presented exciting events as part of the KinderuniMedizin. The theme was “From spectacles to the artificial heart — technology in life”. The children were initiated into the mysteries of medicine and learnt astonishing facts about the human body and diseases. More than 2,000 children came to the 91 talks and lectures (4,924 booked places) at the Medical University of Vienna. 

Health Minister Sabine Oberhauser presented a seminar to a crowd of interested children at the Summer School. Her lecture “First Steps for a Healthy Life” presented the young students (from 7 to 12) with tips for a healthy life style, with the emphasis on healthy nutrition, lots of exercise and the risks of smoking.

KinderuniMedizin on tour in Vienna and Lower Austria

After a short break, the KinderuniMedizin goes on tour in August for the 9th time, in ten parks in Vienna. There will be experiments and lectures in the mobile lecture hall. The children will be given the opportunity to become scientists in a wide variety of areas and will be encouraged to participate, to try things out and to use their minds. This is particularly intended for children who have previously not come into contact with science. The kick-off is at 04:00 p.m. on 10 August 2015 in district 15.
In September, the KinderuniMedizin [Children's Summer School] will give hundreds of children in Lower Austria fun in research, wonder and experiments. 

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