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(Vienna, 12-09-11) Derzeit tagen auf Einladung der MedUni Wien KomplexitätsforscherInnen aus der ganzen Welt im Universitätscampus Altes AKH. Die Teilnahme der renommiertesten Forscher unterstreicht den Status, den die MedUni Wien in der Wissenschaft Komplexer Systeme weltweit inne hat.


Since October 2009, Stefan Thurner has been Austria's first Professor of the Science of Complex Systems at the MedUni Vienna. Rector Wolfgang Schutz recognised the tremendous importance of this new branch of science in which the interactions of individual elements of living systems are researched on a mathematical basis: This young branch of science opens up completely new possibilities not only in medicine but also in many other areas of life, right through to financial markets, of understanding what goes on in complex systems. Reference to publications by our institution as examples? Nobel Prize winner opens the proceedings The conference's keynote speech is being delivered by the 1969 Nobel Prize winner, Murray Gell-Mann, who, with his prediction of quarks, which bring order to the chaos of over 100 elementary particles, revolutionised the understanding of matter.High-calibre presentations on the subject of medicine and the life sciences are also being given by Madan M. Babu (University of Cambridge), Peter Schuster (University of Vienna) and Giulio Superti-Furga (CEMM), in which they will attempt to identify the traces of evolution in genetic networks and RNA structures. Another talk that promises to be very exciting is that given by Geoffrey B. West, former President of the US elite think-tank "Santa Fe Institute", who was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most important figures of the 21st century. In the field of economics, Ricardo Hausmann (Harvard), former Minister for Development in Venezuela, will be talking about his latest work on global production networks and the barriers to development. Reference to audience discussions (which are freely accessible) Information on the conference and programme of events: European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS’11