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Networking and mentoring for young researchers in the field of immunology

(Vienna, 31-08-2015) The Immunology Research Cluster at MedUni Vienna has set up a network for postdoctoral colleagues (PostDoc Training Network) to provide young researchers with a platform for networking and dialogue and to help them to develop their careers.

The aim of the IRC PostDoc Training Network is to support postdoctoral fellows at this important stage in their careers," explains Cluster coordinator Wilfried Ellmeier of the MedUni Vienna Institute of Immunology. "Apart from an excellent scientific education, we want to provide opportunities for networking and career mentoring. MedUni Vienna already offers some of these things but we want to package them together to make MedUni Vienna stand out as an attractive employer for postdocs in the field of immunology (and especially in the areas of allergies, inflammation and infection). There is international competition for smart brains and we need to make our research environment attractive if we are to continue recruiting outstanding young scientists for our research sector. This is only possible by offering exciting research projects but also by increasing accompanying benefits." The Cluster also hopes that the PostDoc Training Network will help postdoctoral fellows to prepare for the next stage of their careers (be that in an academic environment, in areas of the "life science industry" or in other science-based professions).

As a first step, an IRC PostDoc Association has been set up, coordinated by an IRC PostDoc Board. At present the IRC PostDoc Board has 8 members from different research groups within the IRC and is working to establish this network. Current plans include offering seminars about career opportunities in research, scientific workshops and a regular monthly get-together where members have the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people, make contacts and start collaborative initiatives.

Activities and aims of the network:
• Providing support in career development (mentoring)
• Providing a platform for organising scientific events (seminars, workshops, symposia)
• Offering courses on career opportunities
• Regular monthly get-together for dialogue and networking
• PostDoc section on IRC website

Five research clusters at MedUni Vienna

Immunology research is one of five research clusters at MedUni Vienna, which are increasingly focusing on fundamental and clinical research. The Immunology Research Cluster (IRC) includes 92 research groups from MedUni Vienna. The main emphasis of their research is allergies, inflammatory conditions and infections. The cluster strengthens and enhances the research landscape in the field of immunology and promotes translational approaches to patient well-being. Members of the cluster provide and guarantee excellent research and educational opportunities for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.
In total, five research clusters have been established at MedUni Vienna. The other research clusters include medical imaging, cancer research/oncology, cardiovascular medicine and medical neurosciences.

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