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Karl Landsteiner Private University founded

(Vienna, 18th June 2012) The Medical University of Vienna, the Danube University of Krems and the IMC Technical University of Krems have together founded the “Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften Errichtungsgesellschaft m.b.H.” on 18th June 2012. With the signing of the partnership agreement, the three partners have pledged to work together on the development of the planned Karl Landsteiner Private University of Health Sciences (KLPU) on the Krems campus.

“Given the international orientation and the focus on medical technology, the planned private university is extremely attractive for us. We are also creating a course of medical study for the first time in Austria as a two-stream Bachelors’ and Masters’ course,” said Wolfgang Schütz, Rector of the MedUni Vienna.

Key issues relating to healthcare policy all under one roof
The KLPU will bring the healthcare policy-related key issues of human medicine, neurorehabilitation sciences as well as psychotherapy and counselling sciences under a common roof. The integrative approach is intended to produce a new generation of health scientists and doctors. The aim is to communicate interdisciplinary communication, decision-making and responsibility and problem-solving skills through the four branches of study.

The key cornerstones of the KLPU, which is set to open its doors in the autumn of 2013, will be medical technology and health economics. Both disciplines will be integrated right from the start into the modern study architecture and will represent an essential part of the teaching and research curricula. Graduates will be able to understand and manage medical technology innovations and healthcare policy challenges. As part of the Bachelors’ qualification in healthcare sciences, as well as the Masters’ qualification in human medicine, students will also have the opportunity to specialise in these key areas. Medical technology and health economics will also feature as strategic focal topics in the context of the planned research platform, which is to have an international orientation.