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Long Night of Research: "Focus Heart" at MedUni Vienna

(Vienna, 13-04-2016) During the Long Night of Research on Friday, 22 April 2016 (17:00 - 23:00 h), MedUni Vienna deals with the "Focus Heart". Highlight is a heart operation which is transmitted live from the Lecture hall centre of MedUni Vienna in the AKH (level 8) and commented by the operating team under the head of the division of cardiac surgery of the Department for Surgery, Günther Laufer. The operation commences at 20:30 h. Prior to that, at 18:30h and 19:30 h, two recorded children's cardiac surgeries are shown, where questions from the auditorium are interactively answered by the team under Ina Michel-Behnke (Manager of the clinical division for paediatric cardiology). On a model, it is possible to participate in the occlusion of cardiac and heart valve defects. Participation is free of charge.

Austria is looking for the pipette master!
A second focal point - MedUni Vienna is represented with more than 50 participation stations at the "Medical Research Mile" during the Long Night of Research on the 22.4. - is that of the "immune system". In a learn-while-playing exercise, visitors can interactively discover what is going wrong with allergies and the combat strategies used by researchers. Next to a series of exciting short presentations about the fascinating immune system, its functions and frequent dysfunctions, there is the opportunity to work in the immunology laboratory and participate in the competition under the motto "Austria is looking for the pipette master". Furthermore, the experts from the Austrian Pollen Alert Service of MedUni Vienna demonstrate how they establish pollen prognoses for all of Europe. (Location: Lecture hall centre of MedUni Vienna, AKH Vienna, level 7 & 8, 17:00 - 23:00 h).

During this evening, also the "bionic reconstruction" is a focal point at MedUni Vienna. In the process, experts demonstrate at a participation station how it is possible to move a prosthesis intuitively and simultaneously, and the researches and developments in surgery and technology upon which it is based (Lecture hall centre, 17:00 - 23:00 h).

Growing teeth, testing "aging" and looking inside the body
For the first time, also the University Dental Clinic of MedUni Vienna is participating in the Long Night of Research. Interested parties can try their hand at filling teeth, check out how to produce dentures in the laboratory under the motto "growing teeth" and how laser is applied in dental medicine ("Dental Wars") at Sensengasse 2a, 1090 Vienna.

Inside of the "gerontology tracksuit", one can test what "aging" feels like - to this topic, the researchers from the Centre for Public Health present their studies regarding how to stay healthy while aging. The Excellence Centre Hochfeld MR also opens its doors to the strongest MRI with a field strength of seven Tesla and shows future methods of physicians to observe what is going on the body.

Medical Research Mile
More than 50 stations at 7 locations are collated during the Long Night of Research at the "Medical Research Mile" in the 9th District in Vienna: MedUni Vienna - Lecture hall centre at AKH (on level 7 and 8), St. Anna Children's Cancer Research (Zimmermannplatz 10), University Dental Clinic (Sensengasse 2a), Institute for Cancer Research (Borschkegasse 8A), Anna Spiegel Research Building, Excellence Centre Hochfeld-MR (both at MedUni Campus AKH) and the Institute for Immunology (Lazarettgasse 19).

Date: Long Night of Research 2016 on 22.4. (17:00 - 23:00 h)
The event commences at 16:00 h with a Children Presentation - topic: "How do I grow big and strong?" (Place: Lecture hall centre at AKH Vienna, level 8). Further information and a detailed program of the entire event is available at MedUni Vienna:

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