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Markus Müller elected as new Rector of MedUni Vienna

(Vienna, 26-05-2015) As from 1 October 2015, the new Rector of the Medical University of Vienna will be Markus Müller. At a meeting of the University Council of MedUni Vienna on Tuesday evening, its five members unanimously elected the sitting Vice-Rector for Research and Principal of the University Department of Clinical Pharmacology from amongst the three candidates proposed by the Senate. Thus the internist Markus Müller will take over from Wolfgang Schütz, who did not stand for the position of Rector on this occasion.

About Markus Müller

He was born in Klagenfurt in 1967 and in 1993 he graduated “sub auspiciis" at the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna. He then underwent training in departments of emergency medicine, oncology, endocrinology, infectious diseases and chemotherapy, clinical pharmacology and angiology in Austria, Sweden and the USA and gained a doctorate in clinical pharmacology (1998) and internal medicine (2001). In 2004 he qualified as a professor and became Principal of the University Department of Clinical Pharmacology of MedUni Vienna at Vienna General Hospital. He earned an international reputation through his work on developing clinical micro-dialysis and his expertise in the clinical development of innovative drugs and vaccines. Amongst other things, he was heavily involved in the clinical development of several vaccines against influenza H5N1, influenza H1N1, borreliosis/Lyme disease and Alzheimer's disease, to name but a few. In 2014 he was appointed Chairman of the Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) of the WHO Ebola vaccination programme (VEBCON).

Markus Müller has published more than 200 original papers in the field of internal medicine and clinical pharmacology and has won several prizes; for example the Tanabe Award of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP) in recognition of his innovative approaches to clinical pharmacology studies.

He has been Vice-Rector for Research at MedUni Vienna since 2011.