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Subheading: Online registration for entrance tests in July finished a few hours ago

Vienna (22 Feb. 2010) - Around 13,500 people want to study medicine at the Austrian medical unis in 2010/11 - an increase of around 20 percent compared with the previous year. This is the result of the three-week online registration for the qualifying test to study medicine, which finished today at midnight.

In Vienna with around 7,500 applicants, 64% come from Austria, around 33% come from Germany and almost 3% come from non-EU countries. This means a continuation of the trend in past years, with the growth of 27% being above the 20% of Innsbruck and Graz.

A similar situation can also be seen in the gender distribution: 57.3% are women and 42.7% are men. In the previous year 56.9% women and 43.1% men registered. In Innsbruck the picture is the exact opposite: among around 3,600 applicants, 64% come from Germany, 34.4% from Austria, and the rest from non-EU countries.

As in the previous year, Graz is the uni with the highest percentage of Austrian prospective students: 72.5% Austrians, with only 25.5% from Germany among a total of around 2,500 applicants. The gender distributions in Innsbruck and Graz follow the trend in Vienna.

The entrance test is being held on 9th July in Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna at the same time. From 8 to 19 March it is necessary to register personally for this in Vienna and Innsbruck, in Graz the definite registration is via an application which has to be submitted by 30 April (the postmark will apply here). Based on experience, around 1/3 of the online applicants will drop out.