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MedUni Vienna fêted its graduates

(Vienna, 26 November 2015) On 26 November 2015, to thundering applause from their families, friends and acquaintances, 357 graduates from MedUni Vienna took their academic oath. MedUni Vienna Rector, Markus Müller, and Anita Rieder, Vice Rector for Education, presented the degree certificates. During the last academic year a total of 520 scientists and doctors of the future completed their medical studies in Vienna.

For the fourth time the ceremony was held around four weeks before Christmas in the atmospheric setting of Vienna Concert Hall. The day was attended by a total of 7,000 guests, who came to the world-famous concert venue.
These graduates represent the first cohort of students who had the opportunity to gain important practical experience by spending their final sixth year as clinical trainees in the departments of the University Hospital of MedUni Vienna and accredited teaching hospitals.

These lucky graduates are now ready to embark on the next stage in their careers, either in a residency or internship or by pursuing a scientific study programme. "The scientific and practical education these young doctors have received during their studies at MedUni Vienna and the newly introduced clinical year have ideally prepared them for working independently and accountably as doctors. The training not only helped to develop individual strengths and skills but also to instil responsible behaviour and ethical awareness," said the Vice Rector for Education, Anita Rieder, speaking at the graduation ceremony.

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