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Subheading: Success for MedUni Vienna initiative

MedUni Vienna's demand for focus on women's issues at the university conference, Uniko, was taken into consideration during its meeting last Friday. "This means the universities will be moving a decisive step closer to the target of consistent equal treatment," explained Rector Wolfgang Schütz in an initial response. "The success of MedUni Vienna is, in particular, a success of Vice Rector ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Karin Gutierrez–Lobos, who has been dealing with this issue intensively for us for a while."

In her first comment on the Uniko decision Gutierrez was clearly pleased: "I will take this as strong motivation to continue consistently with the work being done here." At the same time the Vice Rector of the Medical University of Vienna announced that an initial concept is going to be presented in the next three weeks.