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"University and Family" audit extended for a further three years - more projects planned

(Vienna, 30th March 2015) The Medical University of Vienna remains a family-friendly university. The further award of the "University and Family" audit certificate proves that the MedUni Vienna attaches great importance to the combination of family life and work or study.

The aim of the "University and Family" audit, carried out by the Federal Ministry for Family and Youth, is to promote the compatibility of family life and a profession / career / course of study. The MedUni Vienna was one of the pilot universities to take part in the "University and Family" audit back in 2010, and in 2011 it was awarded the basic certificate. On 10 March 2015, the MedUni Vienna was awarded a further "University and Family" audit certificate by the audit's board of assessors. "We took part in the pilot project at the time in order to position the issue of compatibility as a long-term concept in our university," explains Karin Gutiérrez-Lobos, Vice Rector for Teaching, Gender & Diversity, "and we have now successfully improved the conditions for employees and students so that access to jobs and study has been made easier for women. We are keen to expand these opportunities from the MedUni Vienna even further."

Over the past few years, numerous programmes have been established and implemented at the MedUni Vienna to create a family-friendly university.

Company nursery
One of the high points of the numerous audit activities in 2013 was the opening of the Martha Wolf Company Nursery in the grounds of the University Dental Hospital. As a result, a total of 55 additional childcare places were created that are available to the children of university staff as well as students.

» Martha Wolf Kindergarten

C3 planning workshop - "Career Children Clinic"
The C3 Planning Workshop - "Career Children Clinic" information and advice service was opened for students and mentoring services were set up for pregnant students or students with children.

» Planning Workshop C3

Dual Career Netzwerk W – NÖ – OÖ
The universities in Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria have come together to create a network that offers newly appointed professors and their partners assistance with their new way of working and living and there is an extensive range of support available. The Dual Career Service offers practical information on a variety of subjects, from the necessary formalities (relocation, registration matters) and childcare to further training opportunities and also helps individuals to find a suitable position for their partner in dual career couples. 

» Dual Career Service

In November 2013, the "Family-Friendly Management - A Success Factor?" Conference was held at the MedUni Vienna. The conference focused, among other things, on the role of managers.

Information about childcare and relatives who are carers
The Gender Mainstreaming Department's website offers a vast array of information relating to childcare and relatives who are carers.

» Family Service

Future projects

Among other activities, the project group has set itself the following agenda for the next three years:

•    More and more easy-to-find online information for students with children or students who are pregnant
•    Flexible childcare services
•    Evaluation of a parent pass that is intended to offer students with children greater flexibility
•    Expansion of the target group for the Dual Career Service
•    Further development of a family-friendly management culture (most family-friendly manager award)
•    A general sabbatical solution is to be created for general personnel in relation to time-out management
•    Support for relatives who are carers (e.g. group for relatives who are carers)

» Family Service
» Audit hochschuleundfamilie