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Family Ministry awards "universityandfamily" audit quality seal

(Vienna, 11 November 2015) The Family Ministry has awarded the Medical University of Vienna with a quality seal to show that it is a family friendly university. The recently awarded "universityandfamily" audit certificate bears testament to the fact that MedUni Vienna attaches great importance to combining family life with work and/or study.

The purpose of the "universityandfamily" audit conducted by the Federal Ministry of Family and Youth is to promote the compatibility of family life and work/career/study.

"I am pleased that more and more employers are going down the family-friendly route. They have all recognized that more family-friendliness brings with it many far-reaching benefits, which are essential when one is in competition for the best people," asserted Minister Karmasin. Every year companies and institutions will be awarded the "workandfamily" or "universityandfamily" national quality seals if they have successfully taken part in the audit and so demonstrated that they have created sustainable and needs-based framework conditions for a family-friendly working or studying environment, thereby offering their employees and students more freedom of choice.

MedUni Vienna took part in the "universityandfamily" audit in 2010 as a pilot university and in 2011 it received the basic certificate, which the audit committee has now renewed.

Family-friendly employers are more attractive

Both as employers and educational establishments, universities play a key role in offering their employers and students a family-friendly working and learning environment. The "universityandfamily" audit for Austrian universities and further education establishments was therefore launched in 2011. Family-friendly procedures also strengthen their position as attractive employers, making it easier to recruit and to retain highly qualified members of staff. The students also benefit from the flexible framework conditions, shorter study periods and, ultimately, the lower dropout rates of a family-friendly university.

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