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Old paper ID replaced by modern plastic student card

(Vienna, 06-07-2015)In the winter semester 2015/16 students at MedUni Vienna will have new student ID cards. A modern plastic card, like a credit card, will replace the old paper student ID. It will identify card-holders as being students at MedUni Vienna and will accompany them throughout their studies.

The new student ID card has been introduced at the initiative of Karin Gutiérrez-Lobos, Vice-Rector for Education, Gender and Diversity of MedUni Vienna. It meets modern needs and saves students and university staff a lot of bureaucratic effort.

Special issuing terminals
The student ID is an important identity card. It is an official photo ID and identifies its owner as being a student at MedUni Vienna. It is internationally valid. In addition to the holder's name, date of birth and matriculation number, it also shows a expiry date.

The new card allows space for additional information such as library ID or refectory code.

The student ID card is easy to obtain and to extend. Special terminals are available (e.g. in the MedUni Vienna Studies and Examinations Department) where students can have their photographs taken and then collect the finished card at the counter. These terminals can also be used to extend the validity of the student card at the beginning of the academic year, using a modern embossing method, once students have paid their Student Union fees.

Student ID cards will be changed over to the modern plastic cards during the course of the winter semester 2015/16. However, it is not compulsory to change over. Paper ID cards will continue to be valid right up until their expiry date.