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(Vienna, 22 Nov. 2010) At this year’s Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America RSNA, Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Herold from the Department of Radiology of MedUni Vienna will be the first European to hold the honorary lecture. Other lecturers include prominent personalities from the field of radiology and radiotherapy and the former US President Bill Clinton.

Founded in 1915, the RSNA today counts some 44,000 members, which makes it the major professional association in radiology. It aims to foster scientific standards in education and research in the field of radiology and biomedical imaging and act as a networking platform for all experts and other interested people. In this connection, the RSNA not only publishes two renowned professional magazines (Radiology, RadioGraphics) but also holds an annual meeting in Chicago, where this year 65,000 participants are also expected to attend. The event will last from 27 November until 4 December; the venue is the Chicago McCormick Center, one of the largest event centres worldwide.

At this year’s event, the most prominent honorary lecture – the “Annual Oration in Diagnostic Radiology” – will be held for the first time by a European, O. Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Herold. Herold is considered a pioneer in the field of pulmonary computer tomography and a fervent advocate of interdisciplinary scientific cooperation. Prof. Herold already acted as the President of the European Congress of Radiology and the European Society of Radiology as well as of the interdisciplinary Fleischner Society, in which radiologists, pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, pathologists and physiologists work together on research into pulmonary diseases. He is considered one of the most important international leaders in his field.

Says Christian Herold about his lecture: “My lecture will be dedicated to one of the most important fields of pulmonary imaging, that is: the diagnostics and management of small space-occupying lesions in the lungs. These occur extremely frequently, mainly in smokers, and are malignant only in a few cases. This lecture will be about diagnosing precisely these small malignant nodules and clarifying them accurately without any damage to our patients.”

This topic is particularly relevant in view of the fact that some days ago the National Lung Cancer Screening Trial was stopped in the US because the CT screening arm revealed a significant reduction in the mortality of lung cancer. This is good news for precautionary measures for pulmonary carcinoma, which counts among the most frequent and deadliest tumours.

Other honorary lecturers include John Mendelsohn, Atul Gawande, Sanjiv S. Gambjir, Zvi Fuks and Bill Clinton.

Short biography:
Born in 1955 O. Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Herold studied at the Medical Faculty in Vienna, where - after obtaining his qualification as a general practitioner in Lower Austria - he also completed his training as a specialist in radiology in 1989. Then he was awarded a Schrödinger Fellowship for a two-year research stay at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, where he has also been a part-time faculty member since 1994.
In 1993 Herold qualified as a professor of radiology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna, has been Full Professor of Radiology since 1996 and has headed the Department of Radiology at MedUni Vienna since 2008. Here he is also responsible for international affairs.
Herold is a member of a large number of professional societies, the majority of which he has also headed as president. He has been guest professor at Stanford University, Cornell University, Cambridge University and Duke University.
He has published some 150 studies in renowned professional magazines and is considered an excellent speaker, which is reflected in over 330 lectures he has been invited to hold to date at international congresses. In addition he is a member of the Regional Medical Council of Vienna.

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