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Service offensive for spinoffs of MedUni Vienna

(Vienna, 3 Dec. 2010) With a comprehensive information event, the young subsidiary of MedUni Vienna with the name “Forschungsservice und -beteiligungs GmbH” (FSB) yesterday set a major impetus for better commercial exploitation of the university scientists’ innovations and product ideas.

Examples presented by Wilhelm Behringer, Klaus Kratochwill and Werner Mohl were the success stories of prosperous start-ups which were the result of research achievements at MedUni Vienna. However differently the companies were set up they all have one thing in common: as well as innovative ideas and research spirit, access to know-how and support in patenting, management and financing are essential factors for success.
“In this sense, MedUni Vienna has created an important production chain for spinoffs with the office for technology transfer and the FSB,” stresses Prof. Markus Müller, Head of the Research Support Unit. Beginning with various forms of protection of intellectual property and the development of a business plan onto negotiations concerning venture capital investments, MedUni Vienna’s service facilities support the business founders.

MedUni Vienna’s Technology Transfer Unit (Head Dr. Michael Hoschitz) is the registration office for service inventions and responsible for MedUni Vienna’s Patent & Licence Management. The FSB (Managing Directors: Dr. Helmut Hasibeder and Mag. Michael Hoffmann) sees itself as a partner of innovative scientists of MedUni Vienna, as an interface to business, as well as an incubator for business start-ups. In this respect it supports MedUni Vienna’s potential founders and creates the necessary attractive and transparent framework conditions for spinoffs.

» MedUni Vienna's Technonolgy Transfer, Dr. Michael Hoschitz
» MedUni Vienna's Forschungsservice und -beteiligungs GmbH, Dr. Helmut Hasibeder, Mag. Michael Hoffmann

Success stories & points of contact:
» EMCOOLS, Ao.Univ. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Behringer
» ZYTOPROTEC, Ao.Univ. Prof. Dr. Christoph Aufricht
» MIRACOR, Ao.Univ. Prof. DDr. Werner Mohl
» XIBER, Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Petzelbauer

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