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SzeleSTIM, a new start-up company founded by the MedUni Vienna, is awarded second place in the “Venture Lounge Life Science & Medizintechnik” event in Munich

The SzeleSTIM project, a new spin-off company of the MedUni Vienna, which is in its initial stages, was awarded second place during the “Venture Lounge Life Science & Medizintechnik” event in Munich on 30th June 2011. Company founders and venture capital investors from all over the German speaking world meet at this annual event. The start-up company has been founded based on patented discoveries by surgeon Jozsef C. Szeles from the Surgical Department of the Medical University of Vienna. Szeles has been involved as a scientist with the therapeutic effect of “auricular stimulation of the vagus nerve” since the 1990s. The start-up company received great interest from experts from the field of medical technology and the investor crowd present at the event. The planned indications, for which there are already the first positive clinical study findings, are chronic pain conditions and peripheral perfusion disorders, such as PAOD with intermittent claudication and diabetic foot syndrome.

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