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Employees take a variety of initiatives to improve the refugees' situation

(Vienna, 11-09-2015) Thousands of people have fled from  war and persecution in their home countries and are seeking protection and safety in Europe; they depend on your help. The Medical University of Vienna has taken a variety of initiatives to help these refugees and to alleviate human suffering.
Employees of the Medical University of Vienna are taking a variety of initiatives and to improve the refugees' situation.


Medical support for the refugee camp in Röszke
In refugee camps in Hungary, medical care is often only rudimentary. The Medical University of Vienna are planning to detail medical specialists. It is intended that they should support the medical staff on site and improve treatment possibilities in the Röszke refugee camp. As needs have increased, support is now being discussed in paediatrics and gynaecology.


Collection campaign organised by the Vienna Association of Medical Students
[ÖH med]

ÖHmed has started a collection campaign for people in the Röszke refugee camp in Hungary. Food, toiletries and other necessities are collected. The following link gives a list of the objects needed. These are collected in the ÖH Office in Vienna General Hospital (Floor 6M).

» Current information about the necessary relief aid

Integration of medical specialists and students
More and more physicians and medical specialists from the crisis areas have come to the International Office of the Medical University of Vienna because they want to practice their professions. The top priority for these people is rapid and unbureaucratic care. It is a question of recognition of training and inclusion in advanced courses, so that these people (who are often highly qualified) can work in their professions in Austria too and be integrated into society. The University Conference uniko is working on a coordinated action from several universities to accept refugees, with the status of associate students (for example, to complete studies they have already started).

» International Office of the MedUni Vienna