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The starting signal is fired for the new Rectorate of the MedUni Wien

(Vienna, 01-10-2015) On 1st October 2015 began a new era at the Medizinischen Universität Wien (Medical University of Vienna): Markus Müller will succeed former Rector Wolfgang Schütz, who has managed Austria’s largest MedUni since 2004. Prior to this appointment, he served as Dean of the Medical Faculty at the University of Vienna. Simultaneously, four new Vice-rectors have been appointed, in part with modified business divisions: In future, Michaela Fritz will be responsible for Research and Innovation, Anita Rieder for Education, Volkan Talazoglu for Finance and Oswald Wagner for Clinical Affairs.

The official inauguration of the new Rectorate Team will take place on Tuesday 27th October 2015, in the Van Swieten Hall of the MedUni Wien (11:00 hours, van Swieten Gasse 1a, 1090 Vienna).

“I am convinced that with this Team, comprising of renowned experts, we will be in a position to solve the major challenges currently facing us, and place our university in a top international position”, says the new Rector, Markus Müller, who has been employed as Vice-rector for Research over the past four years, and who prior to that was Head of the University Clinic for Clinical Pharmacology for 13 years.

The new Vice-rector team at the Medical University for 2015 – 2019:

Dr. Michaela Fritz, Vice-rector for Research and Innovation, has been Head of the Health and Environment Departments at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) since 2010. Prior to this, she was employed as Head of Life Sciences Austria (LISA) at Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH, and as Managing Director of the Wiener (Vienna) Cluster-Initiative LISA VR (Life Sciences Austria, Vienna Region). She studied at ETH Zürich and the University of California, Berkeley.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Anita Rieder, Vice-rector for Education, was appointed as Professor for Social Medicine at the MedUni in 2000, and manages the Centre for Public Health. Rieder studied Medicine in Vienna, qualified as a Professor of Social Medicine in 1997 and has acted as the Curriculum Director for Human Medicine studies at the MedUni Wien since 2007.

Dr. Volkan Talazoglu M.A., Vice-rector for Finance, has managed the “Universitätsmedizin Wien 2020” (University Medicine Vienna 2020) project since 2012. Most recently, he was employed for an extended period as a consultant and member of the European Healthcare Practice at McKinsey & Company, focussing on the health sector, and prior to this managed international healthcare IT projects at Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies and Philips Healthcare. He completed his studies in Medicine and Economic Sciences.

o.Univ. Prof. Dr. Oswald Wagner, Vice-rector for Clinical Affairs, has been a full university Professor since 1998 and Head of the Clinical Institute for Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics. Up until his election, Wagner was Chairman of the Senate, and has already held the office of Vice-rector for Clinical Affairs for one period of office up until 2011. Wagner qualified as a Professor for Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics at the age of 31, and worked as a full Professor and Chairman of the Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry at the University of Leipzig.

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