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"Good opportunity to extend moratorium"

(Vienna, 13 April 2010)  The Rector of the Medical University of Vienna (MedUni Vienna), Wolfgang Schütz, is "very happy" with the decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) concerning the Belgian quota system in the healthcare sector which was announced today, Tuesday. The verdict leaves room for manoeuvre, as Schütz explained to the Austrian Press Agency APA.

But now it is necessary to "give good reasons to explain" that without the quota system in Austria there will be an adverse effect on the health system, Schütz adds. The decisive question here is whether the majority of those German nationals studying in Austria will be returning to their homeland or staying in this country.

It will not be possible to clarify this matter for several years yet, however - the great influx of German graduates is expected in about 2013. "The situation is a good opportunity to extend the moratorium by five years," explains the MedUni Vienna Rector. Schütz warned, however, that political figures shouldn't shrug off their responsibility too quickly. The moratorium therefore means only that the EU Commission will not be taking legal action. But there could be legal action by an individual student at a national court at any time.