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Organic cation transporters: study provides insights for the first time

Medicine & Science

Research into their structure facilitates targeted development of new drugs


"Straight leg-raise" improves diagnostic accuracy in GERD

Medicine & Science

Simple manoeuvre discussed as part of general guidelines for determining intra-oesophageal pressure

New approach for the development of cancer therapies

Medicine & Science

Researchers from CeMM and MedUni Vienna demonstrate potential of POLθ enzyme


Obesity: research focuses on treatments for secondary diseases

University, Medicine & Science

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Immunometabolism and Systems Biology of Obesity-Related Diseases opened at MedUni Vienna

CRYM protein suppresses overactive thyroid hormones

Medicine & Science

Study describes a prognostic marker and potential therapeutic target in metabolic diseases and cancer

Previously unknown ability of the autonomic nervous system discovered

Medicine & Science

Ability to spontaneously restore muscle function following a nerve injury

Paralysis: neurons that restore walking have been identified

Medicine & Science

Study led by EPFL Lausanne with the participation of MedUni Vienna's Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering