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Cartilage matrix as natural biomaterial for cartilage regeneration

Medicine & Science

Using the potential of the natural cartilage matrix to create an optimal environment for cartilage cells or stem cells

Child and adolescent psychiatric care in Austria inadequate

Medicine & Science

Study finds too few training opportunities for specialists and too few treatment centres nationwide

Austrian Vaccination Day 2021 characterised by COVID-19

Medicine & Science

Protection of the Austrian population and immunisation will be higher if greater vaccination coverage is achieved

Coronavirus - New vaccination campaign launched

Medicine & Science

"Austria vaccinates" initiative of the Red Cross launched with the support of MedUni Vienna experts

Imaging the human retina with miniaturised spectrometer

Medicine & Science

MedUni Vienna researchers produce first in vivo images with miniaturised Optical Coherence Tomography spectrometer

More than just a sun tan: ultraviolet light helps marine animals to tell the time of year

Medicine & Science

Max Perutz Labs team shows that marine bristle worms sense seasonal intensity changes of UVA/deep violet light to adjust the levels of important…

New model for predicting course of COVID-19 could relieve pressure on the healthcare system

Medicine & Science

Mathematical model identifies reliably COVID-19 patients who are likely to have a more favourable disease course

COVID-19: targeted treatment trial launched in Vienna

Medicine & Science

Immunotherapeutic drug for patients with severe to critical COVID-19 within the framework of the Austrian CoronaVirus Adaptive Clinical Trial…

Stroke in childhood and adolescence: outcome influenced by parental education and income

Medicine & Science

Children from educationally deprived, low-income families are much more likely to face long-term cognitive impairment following a stroke

Investing in the medicine of the future: planning work starts for new Research Center for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics

University, Medicine & Science

EU-wide competition for general planning work on the Vienna General Hospital and MedUni Vienna site is decided