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New imaging method for the detection of gastric lymphomas

Medicine & Science

Technique for the detection of MALT lymphomas could probably save patients numerous gastroscopies

Special transcription factor and its target genes as an important approach for therapy at rare leukaemia type identified

Medicine & Science

The anaplastic large cell lymphoma is a type of leukaemia which occurs primarily in children and young adults

Distinct immune response identified in the early phase of SARS CoV-2 infection

Medicine & Science

Clear distinction from other viral diseases of the respiratory tract

Anti-virus programme for Patient Safety Day on 17 September

University, Medicine & Science

Poster campaign by MedUni Vienna and Vienna General Hospital informs about correct hygiene behaviour in hospitals

Paradigm shift in the treatment of pancreatic cancer

Medicine & Science

New treatment option also successful in older patients

Eight percent of Austrians suffer from pathological insomnia

Medicine & Science

Chronic insomnia is widespread and leads to generally poor physical and mental health

Gut bacteria influence brain development

Medicine & Science

Researchers discover biomarkers that indicate early brain injury in extreme premature infants

Coronavirus - All cancer patients should be given 'third jab'

Medicine & Science

Cancer Aid warns of consequences of fewer screening and early detection examinations