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Neonatal screening: programme successfully expanded

Medicine & Science

Screening for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and congenital immunodeficiencies (SCID)

Mugwort allergy: MedUni Vienna study creates basis for vaccine

Medicine & Science

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) poses a serious problem for allergic individuals from July through to September

New blood biomarker identified for status of fatty liver disease

Medicine & Science

Role of a specific subtype of macrophages in progressive non-alcoholic fatty liver disease identified

Covid-19: chronic liver disease patients at high risk of liver failure and bile duct damage

Medicine & Science

Secondary sclerosing cholangitis occurs significantly more frequently after Covid-19 than after other serious illnesses

Targeted micronutrition ameliorates allergy symptoms

Medicine & Science

Study offers a new approach in the care of allergy sufferers

Activating an Amygdala-Brainstem Pathway Relieves Pain and Improves Emotional State in Rats

Medicine & Science

Pathway could offer physical and psychological relief to pain patients

Consistently high willingness to receive an annual COVID-19 booster vaccination

Medicine & Science

Scientists conducted survey in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Decline in births among disadvantaged areas during the COVID-19 pandemic

Medicine & Science

Unequal impact of healthcare, economic, and social disruptions on family planning

Preventing and actively treating back pain

University, Medicine & Science

New self-help book from MedUni Vienna in collaboration with Manz Verlag publishing house

Tibor Harkany awarded ERC Proof of Concept Grant

Medicine & Science

MedUni Vienna neuroscientist researches drugs to treat post-traumatic stress disorder