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The number of people suffering hay fever from ragweed pollen could double due to climate change

Medicine & Science

Higher ragweed pollen concentrations and a longer ragweed pollen season may also increase the severity of ragweed symptoms

The "Citizen Science" trend: MedUni Vienna’s Pollen Monitoring Service is a prime example

University, Medicine & Science,

"Citizen Science" is one of the latest trends in science – it is a scientific method whereby projects are carried out with considerable input from…

How our gender influences us

Medicine & Science,

MedUni Vienna explored how opposite-sex hormonal therapy applied to transgender individuals influences the brain

Watching a lot of TV makes you more susceptible to everyday myths

Medicine & Science

11.6% of people who watch a lot of TV believe that Austria still has the death penalty

Breast cancer: MRI offers 100% screening certainty

Medicine & Science,

MedUni Vienna researchers from the Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy have conducted a meta analysis of more than 2,300…

It is essential to explain the risk-benefit ratio of pharmaceuticals

Medicine & Science

Survey shows that easy-to-understand drug information has a big influence

Physical training and social support reduce frailty and malnutrition

Medicine & Science

A training program for the reactivation of older and frail people established by MedUni Vienna has achieved remarkable success. It was revealed that…

Pressing helps: MedUni Vienna’s defib initiative a success

Medicine & Science

First responder successfully resuscitated man suffering cardiac arrest in Vienna using public defibrillator – grateful reunion in Vienna General…

New CT scanner at Vienna General Hospital provides sharper images with less contrast agent and lower radiation dose

Medicine & Science

Next generation diagnostic device commissioned in the Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy

MedUni Vienna establishes the first diagnostic criteria for IgLON5-related encephalopathy

Medicine & Science

A rare autoimmune disease leads to sleep disturbance and neurodegeneration