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40 years of heart transplantation in Vienna - a success story

Medicine & Science

40 years ago, a team at University Hospital Vienna and MedUni Vienna successfully performed the first heart transplant in Vienna

Nikolaus Klupp takes over professorship for forensic medicine at MedUni Vienna

University, People of the MedUni Vienna

Head of the Center for Forensic Medicine establishes examination center for victims of violence

Sylvia Gohl takes over as Head of the Finance Department at MedUni Vienna

People of the MedUni Vienna

Business economist focuses on the integration of digital technologies


Veronika Fialka-Moser Diversity Award 2024 for outstanding contributions to diversity


MedUni Vienna honors achievements in diversity in the categories of Initiatives and Theses

Crimean-Congo Fever: molecular mechanism of infection discovered

Medicine & Science

New approach for prevention and treatment of the tick-borne disease

Neuronal circuit for reduced feeding at high temperatures decoded

Medicine & Science

Study reveals new approaches to the treatment of food intake disorders


Cell research: New lysosomal dipeptide transporter described

Medicine & Science

Study provides basis for research on the development of common diseases


Energy requirements for T cell functionality decoded

Medicine & Science

Researchers make progress in understanding the immune system


Richard Crevenna takes over management of the "Living with cancer" initiative

People of the MedUni Vienna

Expert in physical medicine and rehabilitation focuses on oncological practice and rehabilitation