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Organisation and Tasks

Head: Christian Reichetzeder

Team Helpdesk

  • Processing of fault reports and queries
  • Arranging onsite services 
  • Imparting of contact with application specialists
  • Personal advice
  • Participation in the preparation of documentation and manuals
  • User alerts in case of IT services disturbances

Team PC-Systems

  • Installation and maintenance of IT equipment in the administration, in classrooms, student workstations and various organizational units
  • Hardware procurement and support in the selection
  • Operating the central software distribution system
  • Operation and support of the paid print services for students
  • Shopping, licensing and transfer of software (operating systems and application software)
  • Operating of an encryption solution
  • Processing of research calls


  • Procurement, construction and operation of the update infrastructure
  • Provision of installation packages
  • Support and contact to the manufacturer

Head: Ing. Thomas Amsüss

  • Planning, procurement, commissioning, maintenance and debugging of
    • the MedUni Vienna network in AKH and the theoretical institutes
    • the MedUni Vienna wireless network
    • the MedUni Vienna telephone system
    • the MedUni Vienna telephones
    • the MedUni Vienna videotelefony
    • the MedUni Vienna intercom system
    • all external connections
    • the power supply and the infrastructure in the computer rooms and wiring closets of ITSC
    • Firewall and Security Facilities
    • VPN acces
  • Supervision of internet and aconetconnection
  • wiring of network outlets on the grounds of the General Hospital
  • Management of IP addresses and IP networks
  • Procurement and management of all MedUni Vienna domains
  • Registration of all computer components on MedUni Vienna network
  • Patching of all necessary components in the manifolds

Head: Ing. Michael Sperlich and Bernhard Lorenz

Core Services

  • Planning, procurement, commissioning, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment in the fields of
    • Unix
    • Windows
    • Database
    • Storage

Running Operation

  • Backup of business-critical applications
  • Care of management domain
  • Central authentication
  • Mail services
  • Web services

Services for organizational units

  • Serverhosting and services
  • Enterprise storage
  • Homepage construction
  • Setting of webspaces
  • Cloud services
  • Video streaming
  • Backup

Head: Dr. Thomas Wrba

  •  Support of science platforms for
    • image data
    • scientific studies
    • expert systems
    • research documentation & analysis
    • teaching
  • Design of eCRFs for mono- or multi-center studies
  • Development of scientific registers or special documentation
  • Implementation of knowledge-based systems for clinical decision support
  • Construction of an image collection and anonymization radiological data
  • Scientific use of research data together with other data in the RDA platform
  • Dates of death and "date last seen" of your outcome research
  • New interfaces for automatic data transfer in research and teaching
  • Sample size estimation

Head: Ing. Roland Spöck

Support and 2nd level support of the university administration system

  • Med.Campus
    • user administration
    • study and examination system
    • courses
    • evaluations and surveys
    • room management
    • system administration, customization, troubleshooting, upgrading and maintenance

Programming, maintenance and support of

  • Business processes in Med.Campus
    • reserach documentation
    • human resource development
    • habilitations
    • scholarships
  • Data analysis and reporting
    • statistics
    • evaluations
    • migrations
    • data import and export

Administration and support of interfaces to

  • Bundesrechenzentrum
  • ministry
  • Moodle/m3e

Contact for

  • participants in data network
  • manufacturers and software companies

Project management

  • analysis and design of computer projects for administrative and research institutions
  • provision of decision criteria for the selection of software products
  • scheduling and monitoring
  • coordination interfaces for data exchange between the applications

Head: DI Dr. Manfred Gengler

  • Development, customization, testing, and maintenance of software to support the operation of the ITSC
  • Advice for projects in program-technical terms
  • Coordination of security measures at the ITSC
  • Creating security policies
  • Planning and coordination of security measures as part of the commissioning of information processing facilities at ITSC
  • Communication with those in charge of other networks, with security related incidents
  • Vote of security policy with the AKH and other related strong links to MedUni Vienna institutions
  • Creating of awareness" to IT security
    • dissemination of information on safety measures
    • advice and information on safety issues
  • Selection, testing, procurement of components for IT security systems in coordination with the operators (the workgroup network and operations)
  • Operation of the server housing