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Area of ​​responsibility / MedUni Vienna office activities

General duties: University Management Office and Vice-Rectors' Office

  • Making appointments 
  • Providing general administrative support to the Rector/Vice-Rectors

Additional Agendas

  • Information on applying for a professorship at the MedUni Vienna - ADir. Ingrid Riedel-Taschner and Karin Marschall, if necessary Amtsrätin Karin Tentulin-Wawra
  • Submission to Hans and Blanca Moser Foundation - Karin Tentulin-Wawra and ADir. Ingrid Riedel-Taschner
  • Golden doctoral certificates - Karin Tentulin-Wawra and ADir. Ingrid Riedel-Taschner
  • Guest professorships - Team of the Vice rector for Education
  • Information about applications for postdoctoral qualification  - Silvia Ellend and Michaela Bronhagl
  • Information on submitting projects as per Articles 26 and 27of UG 2002 [University Act]  - Elisabeth Koo
  • Animal testing - Elisabeth Koo
  • Granting of the professional title of university professor  - Karin Tentulin-Wawra
  • Room management - Karin Tentulin-Wawra, ADir. Ingrid Riedel-Taschner